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TECNO recruitment task

Tech News  |  2023-2-27 18:12 0165

Smartphone Advantages to Students

  Sup everyone. My name is Bayo and I'm just here to educate a bit on smartphone advantages specifically to the average grown-up student.

  So yeah, firstly as a student of any university, you'd be bombarded, ambushed and maybe drowned with a lot of information coming from lecturers, class representatives et cetera.

   At points like that you'd need something (particularly a technological device that would help you stay in touch. That's where smartphones come in.

  You might have a laptop, but the smartphone offers less stress, especially when it comes to charging and operating with freely. You can't use laptops on the way while walking because of the restrictions to it's free use. Also a "small" phone won't work because most of them don't have access to the apps used from communication these days.

  So yeah, why not get yourself a smartphone today. It's very necessary to have one as a student. Mind you, there are bonuses to having one e.g Wider Storage space than the average small phone, access to better network services (3g, 4g and 5g) and yeah it's handy for taking quality photos. Get yourself a smartphone today.

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