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Advantages of Smartphone to Nigerian Students

software  |  2023-2-28 13:32 069

Smartphones have become a necessity in today’s world. Thanks to new technologies, everything is now within your fingertips. Every age group has access to smartphones now. Although the use of smartphones have negative effects on students, it also has positive effects, benefits or advantages. The advantages are discussed below.
Through smartphones, students can explore new things in an enjoyable manner rather than going through whole books to find the desired information. Moreover, they can get access to any book or educational site within seconds and at any time of the day. Students no longer need to wait for their computer class to use the lab in order to find out things. They now can check things from anywhere using the internet on their smartphones. Like this, learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom.
Today’s schools are plagued by a slew of issues, including shootings, and also no mishap comes informing them that they just happen. In this case, a parent can communicate with their children at any time, even when they are in school, using a smartphone. This is one way in which a kid can benefit from having a smartphone at school.
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