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Advantages of smartphones to Nigerian students

TECNO Girls  |  2023-2-28 13:38 0105

The main benefit of using the smart phone is that they make the mode of communication easier and cheap. Because of the lower price, mobile is affordable and has been a revolution in the telecom industry where approximately 95% of people use mobile phones for communication.
It is another major advantage of smart phones. Smart phones can be used to acquire knowledge or information on various topics. For convenience, nowadays, most colleges, institutions, and schools are offering online education with the proper study material that can be in the form of images, photos, text, pdf, etc. In the corona pandemic, we have seen that the students have taken online classes provided by their respective institutions to ensure the safety and health of students.

We can use our smartphones to earn money. We can create blogs, YouTube videos, promote business, and other activities to make money.

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