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[HiOS Latest] TECNO Flagship Foldable Phone: Evolving More with HiOS13 Fold

HiOS  |  2023-3-8 09:56 194688

Hello T-Fans,
Global Smartphone market leader, TECNO, has launched its first foldable flagship phone, the PHANTOM V FOLD, along with its new mobile operating system, HiOS13 Fold.

TECNO HiOS13 Fold is a groundbreaking innovation that folds into the future, offering a brand-new visual world full of innovation and advanced performance. With its multi-dimensional improvement of vision, entertainment ecosystem, and performance ecosystem, HiOS13 Fold caters to the needs of modern mobile phone users.


Foldable  Drive - Folding the New Future
The version of HiOS13 Fold is the culmination of years of research and development, bringing together cutting-edge technology and unprecedented quality to create an improved foldable experience. This device offers a fully functioning compact smartphone when folded, making it perfect for those on the go who need to stay connected, and an intuitive and immersive landscape display when unfolded, providing an unparalleled viewing experience.

The user interface of HiOS13 Fold has been optimized for the foldable screen, providing an intuitive and immersive experience that takes full advantage of the device's unique capabilities.  Features such as Split-screen Apps, Lightning Multi-Window, Drag and Drop, Parallel Windows, and Driving Mode are greatly optimized to improve productivity allowing for efficient multitasking..

With  Split -Screen Apps, the interaction was designed based on the motion of opening and closing a book, with left and right in synch. Slide down with one finger to launch the split-screen and use one app on each half of the screen. There's no need to switch back and forth between Apps. You can simultaneously watch videos and chat with friends, or play games and plan your next trip.
With Lightning Multi-Window,  multi-tasking becomes easy with the ability to launch four different tasks on one screen for more streamlined and efficient work. Check your email on the left side of the screen and review files on the right side by Split-Screen. Then open Lightning Multi-Windows to take notes on a meeting, and send your notes to a colleague through WhatsApp.

Do you sometimes wish that your device can do more than copy and paste? TECNO HiOS13 Fold introduces the free drag and drop feature across Applications. You can easily free drag and drop to transfer pictures, text, and files in seconds. Drag and drop images from your gallery to WhatsApp in one move
Through Parallel Windows, TECNO HiOS13 Fold  seeks to level up your efficiency and productivity by giving you the freedom to open two different task windows within the same app. You can now easily view your homepage on one side and expand messages/images on the other side while using Twitter.

1280X1280 (1).JPEG

Similarly, when shopping on the Shein app, you can browse on one side and view item details on the other. This feature is currently supported in popular apps like Twitter, Sharechat, Shein, WhatsApp, Meesho, and Alibaba.

Experience navigation like never before with Driving Mode on TECNO HiOS13 Fold. It transforms into a large-screen navigation system, bringing intelligence to everything from navigation to entertainment. Pull down the menu to launch Driving Mode and access navigation, music, contacts, and other functions. Drive more safely and clearly than ever before.

Brand new visual effects enhanced by the big screen
TECNO HiOS13 Fold's focus on aesthetics is evident in the refined three-dimensional aesthetic styles and wake-up Wallpapers that create a mesmerizing visual experience. The AOD motion effects and "magnetic fluid" motion effects add a silky smoothness to the overall design. With these cool and visually stunning large-screen visual effects, HiOS13 Fold has built a futuristic and energetic digital world that is sure to delight users. The attention to detail is evident in every momentary change of light and shadow, making for a delicate carving that is truly remarkable.

1280X1280 (2).JPEG

HiOS13 Fold places great emphasis on the balance between performance, power, and aesthetics. The new Wakeup wallpapers are designed with artistic themes that can evoke emotions and create a connection between the user and their device. The mirrored wallpaper with symmetrical aesthetics is visually pleasing and brings a sense of balance and harmony. The intelligent color system adds a dynamic effect to the digital world and offers personalized customization options. The magnetic fluid motion effects bring a new level of interactivity and make every interaction and operation unique.TECNO HiOS13 Fold also offers targeted display optimization for basic and third-party applications to improve the large-screen experience.

Leap Forward with Innovation
Committed to providing users with more intelligent personalized features has always been one of HiOS' development visions.  HiOS13 Fold is no different as it is equipped with an array of futuristic features set to improve users' experience.
Say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry and let HiOS13 Fold's Smart Touch technology do the work for you. Smart Touch instantly extracts text from images with just two fingers, making it easy to copy, search, translate, or share. It's AI technology reads scheduling info, navigation, calling, emailing, and more from the extracted text, keeping you organized and on top of your tasks.
In the new version of HiOS, PC Connection makes cross-screen collaboration possible, breaking the boundary between PC and mobile screens. Enjoy lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 25MB/s, transfer pictures, videos, files, etc. to the computer, and you achieve efficient productivity in seconds.

1280X1280 (3).JPEG

The Most Intelligent Personal Assistant Ella, has also received major upgrades to TECNO HiOS13 Fold. You can now use Ella's in performing tasks such as arranging meetings, reminding you of flights, smart driving, Live Football information, and ensuring that all important matters to you are kept at bay.

That's not all, TECNO HiOS13 Fold brings to life an all-new smart notepad. The new smart notepad keeps track of everything at your fingertips, giving you the ability to take important notes. You can now easily drag and drop images and text to your notepad in split-screen mode.

A Brand New Experience in Entertainment
Enjoy a brand new experience in entertainment with TECNO HiOS13 Fold. The new Al Gallery is more intelligent as it uses image recognition algorithms to help users organize their photos and share them more efficiently. With the new Al Gallery, users can easily drag and drop photos from the gallery to WhatsApp in split-screen mode or create new albums by simply dragging and dropping photos. Overall, the new Al Gallery makes it easier for users to manage their photos and share them with others.

High-Resolution Audio on HiOS13 Fold offers a premium audio experience with certified 96KHz/24bit hi-res hi-fi sound quality, providing a fuller and layered surround sound experience. The level of detail is rich and the bass is vibrant, giving you a realistic sensation of being in a recording studio or a live concert. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite music at a higher level, fully immersing yourself in the sound.

T-moji virtual avatars allow you to create a personalized animated avatar that can be used instead of your real image during video chats. With T-moji, you can create a unique avatar that represents you and your personality, and use it in your video calls in WhatsApp. You can modify your T-moji to make it even more personalized, and you can also use it to create your own emojis. With T-moji, you can enjoy video chats without having to show your real image, while still expressing yourself in a fun and creative way.


Advanced performance
Magellan Engine 2.0 in HiOS13 Fold, provides an intelligent refresh rate to ensure a smoother and power-saving user experience. The refresh rate is precisely synchronized to your finger movements when scrolling, and the phone automatically switches between 60HZ, 90HZ, and 120HZ to select the optimal refresh rate for different usage scenarios. When no finger movement is detected, the screen automatically uses the lowest refresh rate to reduce unnecessary power consumption. This feature helps keep every slide and swipe smooth and ensures a longer battery life for your device. In addition, Extended RAM 2.1 allows the device to allocate a portion of the storage as virtual RAM adds up to 9G of RAM to your 8G RAM device, giving you a smoother experience when launching multiple apps simultaneously.


It is incredible how TECNO HiOS13 Fold leaps into the future development trend of smart terminal technology, focusing on user experience. The smart ecosystem, combined with powerful personified, localized features, is committed to becoming a bridge connecting users with the world and creating the most popular mobile operating system in emerging markets around the world.

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Congratulations! Innovation driven by science and technology!!!
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I love Tecno
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