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Write-up on Nigerians fashion sense compared to other countries and what they feel fashion is😁

Fashion  |  2023-3-24 08:06 096

Fashion is constantly moving, changing and being reinvented and reinterpreted all over the world, leading to an increase in demand to gain access to the newest tends and styles(Tomlinson). The change in trend is increasing rapidly and the demand is largely dispersed. Fashion consumers are abandoning predictable pattern such as use of seasoned clothes and there is a culture dispersion as a result of Globalization   Global fashion industry is increasingly competitive and concentrated as consumers now have access to different markets far much more than they have a decade ago. Nigeria and it's fashion compared to outside countries does not seem to have benefited from globalization,While the improvement in communication are avenues to compare trends with other fashion industries around the world, It has led to low patronage of local fashion labels in Nigeria.
   Although recently,There has been a significant increase in the number of foreign fashion labels present in Nigeria.We have those dominated by global fashion brands such as Mango, Hugo boss,Polo, Wrangler, Gucci, Luiz Vuitton (My brand😁)....While local brands are as Duro Olowu,Zizi CaraSargoe are famous outside Nigeria,than they are known in Nigeria and this has made some of them adopt foreign fashion labels.
  Do you know that Duro Olowu is Michelle Obama's favourite..? Nigerian brands are really good and the best fashion style for you and Me.

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