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Black panther Wakanda forever review

Activities  |  2023-3-24 11:28 0109

I loved the movie it was a 8/10 for me, as much as it tried the focus was still on T'chala like a long eulogy which isn't a bad thing but aside from that the story on it's own is great obviously it's not the same without Chadwick (RIP), the plot carries you along and most of their conversation convey important messages on grief, sadness, anger, alot of emotions, it was well written. Every single actor gave a stellar performance especially Angela Bassett, personally she deserved that award but what can you do, the little bits of comedic lines or acts were amazing, it wasn't all gloomy especially the "bald headed Demon" part i laughed so hard. The CGI was breath taking, those underwater scenes, wow! don't even get me started on the costumes just top tier work all around, the best part was the music, you know nau #9ja4lyf things been waiting for that part in particular the song had been stuck in my head long before i watched the movie. i loved seeing lupita again and that end credits scene, they literally carried on T'chala's legacy I take as a little nudge towards Chadwick Boseman too, overall the movie is a must watch and did not let me down as I've been a marvel fan for as I can remember, i watched it long before sadly not in a cinema I've had a lot on my mind since then which is why this is so long now, just thought I'd spread the joy here❤️❤️ @TECNO SPOT NG #TECNO SPOT #monthlychallenge
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