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Review of Black Panther II

movie  |  2023-3-26 05:28 022

As seen o'er the years, some people are made for some characters and vice versa; they seem inseparable. So was the case in BP2, after Chadwick Boseman died, I was very sceptical about the success of BP2 but I had to give it a shot, lol.
As a big fan of action and Sci-Fi/superheroes, I dare to say BP2 was awesome, from the costume designs, to the special effects and the touching scenes, mad performances by the actors too.
After the death of Chadwick, the MCU had a lot of work to do on how to portray the death of someone who was rather 'unkillable', in all honesty, the cause of his death was quite vague...sick? what kinda sickness, this gave rise to many conspiracy theories from all around the MCU.
Shuri's character was very relatable in her response to grief; some people bawl out, others become depressed and a few others suppress it and her character was the latter. Her suppression of grief held up well up until the loss of her mother which made her grief turn into anger. Another good example is Namor/K'uk'ulkan (portrayed as a Mesoamerican serpent deity of the Pre-Columbine Yucatec Maya) his response to grief was pretty much passive anger with his intent to destroy the inhabitants of land in order to secure the safety of his family as well as subordinates. I like how the villain had a totally valid reason for doing what he did.
The final fight between the black panther and K'uk'ulkan was pretty intense as both were fuelled by grief and wanting to settle scores. the former, being on the verge of making a drastic decision of killing the latter was nerve racking. Although, noble as it might sound, a nation, capable of infiltrating Wakanda on multiple occasions posed a major threat and sometimes sentiments just don't cut it. from a line in Game of thrones, "Leave a wolf behind and the sheep are never safe", incapacitation sometimes doesn't cut it, however a foe today, friend tomorrow scenario might play out considering the final scene between Namor and his subordinate.
Kudos to the CGI team for the portrayal of Namor's home, it was a major jump from the conventional imagery of underwater life, although could've been better but twas really captivating. The stunt team too, all those flying and swinging was attention-locking. Looking forward to BP3.
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