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How To Install The HiOS into Your Phone (SDCard UPGRADE)

HiOS  |  2016-3-16 05:28 142517

Before you continue this tutorial, READ the following:[/COLOR]


1. Please ensure there is sufficient power for SD card upgrade (30% battery or greater).
2. If upgrade is interrupted, please re-download package and try again.[/COLOR]

Now, to the Procedure[/COLOR]

Download the SD Card Upgrade [/COLOR]HERE [/COLOR]

Unzip the SD Card Upgrade for the files as shown in the picture.

Place update.zip into SD Card root

Insert SD card into mobile T-card slot

With Your Phone Off, Hold the POWER Button and the Volume UP Button at the same time until the startup design show up[/COLOR]

Android and warning label appears.[/COLOR]

Hold power button alone for 2 seconds then press volume-up without releasing the power button key to enter the following interface.[/COLOR]

Press volume-down key to select “apply update from SD card”.[/COLOR]

Press power button to enter the following interface,then press volume-down key to select “Tcard_update.zip”.[/COLOR]

Press power button to confirm selection for the following interface.[/COLOR]

Interface automatically changes after process is complete; default selection is set to “reboot system now”, as show in the picture.

Press power button to restart and initiate OS.

Select “Settings” and then “About Phone”. A change in version number indicates the upgrade was successfully completed.[/COLOR]
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Haryodehji 10 #

Thanks for this update... I must confess dat u guys really put a lot of effort to tackle d issue of multitasking.. I can now enjoy ma c8 perfectly
2016-3-21 15:54 Like(0)

waku7bisha 9 #

Is that the only ways to get that update? Can't I wait for the OTA update automatically in my phone settings
2016-3-20 08:12 Like(0)

Saheedkrm 8 #

If there any upgrade, sending to my phone or send the site to me okay
2016-3-19 08:41 Like(0)

teejay 7 #

Is the update for all tecno phones?
2016-3-18 15:08 Like(0)

Madjnr 6 #

where is the update ?I can't find the download link
2016-3-18 11:53 Like(0)

kennybroker 5 #

Oops...dats a bit scary.
2016-3-18 11:25 Like(0)

BarakaAkyoo 4 #

Updates  were successful installed but I don't see anything new in it
2016-3-18 02:48 Like(0)

Frozercold 3 #

nice one..hope i can feedback if i experience any difficulties performing the operation??
2016-3-17 16:26 Like(0)

Hi Manager 2 #

Great my Bro!
2016-3-16 07:05 Like(0)



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