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【Interesting】What's AR Graffiti? Your Space Painting!

Others  |  2019-9-26 04:15 53454

Hello T-fans,

Recently,TECNO has launched our new product——Camon 12 and Camon 12 Pro which unlocked a new era of camera,continuing CAMON series’s DNA of Clear Selfie, CAMON 12 still works hard on its high pixel and clear camera lens, but by the way ,have you ever found the new founction of AR Graffiti on the Camon 12 Pro?Today i'm going to share some thing about it.

What's AR Graffiti?

——This time, let your imagination run wild!

No more limitation from environment. When you get inspiration, you can draw it instantly with various brushes and colors and then share with friends which makes life more joyful!
In the AR space, there are infinite possibilities that waiting for you to explore.

The following picture is what i have drawed with AR Graffiti,i think your guys will do better,so if you are interested in this founction,pls share your works with us

If you want to know more about [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.84)]AR Graffiti,pls click the following links,hope you'll like it!

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Molly Nina 6 #

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fb239532530551 5 #

Interesting. In my free time, I'll try.
showa coffee
2020-3-25 06:56 Like(0)

232041837199 3 #

Update the product first then claim or that stuff sheet ur boring I only can't upgrade my phone
2020-1-11 09:48 Like(0)

Patterns 2 #

This graffiti is very nice. Beautiful
2019-9-26 07:01 Like(0)



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