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Basic Gardening Tools for the Home Gardener

General  |  2016-7-19 02:04 4596

With a handy supply of primary garden aids, you won't be constantly The Diy Smart Saw Review [/COLOR] thwarted by commonplace tasks, such as digging a hole or cutting a twig just when the moon is in the proper phase. If you're in doubt as to those tools you would like, try out some of your neighbor's tools. But don't be a permanent borrower; it's bad for everyone's disposition.

Tools can be bought at garden supply, department or hardware stores and at some lumber yards. Shop carefully for your first garden tools and be sure to only buy quality tools. Good tools should last for many years.

You'll need as a minimum :

A spade or long-handled shovel for digging holes to place large plants.

A spading fork for turning over and loosening soil. (You'll find there are "ladies' sizes" available for both spade and fork.)

A trowel for digging holes for small plants, mixing soil, and innumerable http://quantumvisionsystemreview.org/the-diy-smart-saw-program-review/ [/COLOR] other small chores. My preference is for a sharp-pointed one similar to a small mason's trowel, because it's useful for cultivating, too. Those with slightly rounded sides, like miniature shovels, are excellent for digging small plants and making holes in which to place them.
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demon1991 5 #

You forgot to mention secateurs. This is one of the basic tools that every gardener should have. How will you trim trees or bushes without them? When I moved into a house on a plot of which there was a luxurious garden, the first thing I did was buy secateurs on https://www.hausandgarten.com/pr ... pass-pruning-shears because I understood that without this tool I wouldn't be able to take care of the garden. Over time, I began to buy additional items that you listed, but a year later, I hired a team to come to my garden every day and take care of it. It's just that I was tired at work and I didn't have enough time to take care of the garden.
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Dawiid 4 #

Oh, I think that it's a very good piece of paper for a beginner like me. Thanks!
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ts69251797 3 #

Thank you for sharing it. I'm considering to start gardening again and revive my old abandoned backyard
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michaelpears 2 #

Thank you for sharing, OP. That's awesome. I think with these tools my renovation will be done in no time. Not so long ago I've found Guides4homeowners blog. It's about everything that house owner needs. Including information about gardening, renovation and many other stuff like that. Also, I've found there a lot of information about pets and discovered that my cat had some health issues. As I said earlier - thank you. With the information you gave me, I will succeed.
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