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any us credit card I will load it

Activities  |  2017-12-15 07:51 3230

any us credit card I will load it
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ts60828269 4 #

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Agree, it can be the fraud if someone is asking for your credit card data. This is your personal and confidential data that you should not share with anyone. If someone finds out your credit card number they can use it to steal your money. It is the carding method that hackers use. Some people told me that in 2020 this method did not work, but in fact, everything works well. You can even imagine how many people there actually are out there trying to rip you off on the internet. It is staggering the lengths these people will go to.
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fb230508522409 3 #

it may be a trap
it's a carding method I guess
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Firmen 2 #

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