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any us credit card I will load it

Activities  |  2017-12-15 07:51 6522

any us credit card I will load it
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michaelpears 7 #

Absolutely agree with the thing that scammers do everything to fool us around! I am so naive, and I hate myself for that! But, unfortunately, I also fall into their trap, and I feel miserable after this! I think it's something I inherited from my mother! She was always so gullible, and so am I. Also, do you guys know of any suitable credit card generators? This one website requires me to provide credit card details to verify my identity, but I am a bit afraid it might be a scam again. So, this time, I prefer to be privacy-conscious and find a generator that creates a valid card. I know that this doesn't always work, but I'd like to at least give it a go. I found this generator https://cardguru.io, but I haven't read many reviews, so I'm unsure whether it's a good or a poor one. Any thoughts?
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TomSands 6 #

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In fact, this is the carding method. Just for this method, there are a lot of points that need to be completed. That is, you need to prepare well for this and you cannot do without the Internet here. You correctly said that personal data should not be given to anyone, because it is thanks to this data that carding becomes possible. More information can be found here https://cvvshop.to/verizon-carding-method/. After reading this, you will be able to understand exactly what the scammers need, what information to prevent this from happening. Just be careful, because the scammers are very cunning and will be able to fool you.
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Dr.Dremble 5 #

as far as I know there are a lot of carding methods, so be careful
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ts60828269 4 #

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Agree, it can be the fraud if someone is asking for your credit card data. This is your personal and confidential data that you should not share with anyone. If someone finds out your credit card number they can use it to steal your money. It is the carding method that hackers use. Some people told me that in 2020 this method did not work, but in fact, everything works well. You can even imagine how many people there actually are out there trying to rip you off on the internet. It is staggering the lengths these people will go to.
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fb230508522409 3 #

it may be a trap
it's a carding method I guess
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Firmen 2 #

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