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cases for tecno spark k7

Activities  |  2018-9-12 06:27 255

I don't understand why make a phone and no cases for them,,,,,  we need phone cases for tecno spark k7 and k9
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TomSands 3 #

I understand you, I have the same problem, I could never find a case for my phone. That's why I recently switched to an iPhone. I like my phone without a case because it's much prettier, but it's so uncomfortable. It constantly slips out of your hands, pockets, and all surfaces. This happens not only with the phone, but also with headphones. If I drop them, the headphones fly out of the case, and I have to search for them all over the street, it's inconvenient. The phone itself is not very cheap, and it is better to protect everything. I ordered AirPods Cases and, by the way, I didn't even know they existed. It turned out that this case softens the fall of headphones and it's just better that way.
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fb230508522409 2 #

as for me recently I ordered iPhone 12 :)
Now I would need a case for iPhone 12 :))
will case from spark k7 suit iPhone 12?
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