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how to be a good business manager

Activities  |  2019-1-2 18:09 3505

one of the most powerful point is to remain focused and determined          and  also to plan before jumping into any business
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fb223336511103 4 #

hey folks. recently I have decided to open my first company and faced the problem of choosing equipment for the kitchen. advise, please premium quality refrigerators and freezers. and the main dilemma is whether to take a used or new one. so here I have a question, what can I buy without concern, and where is it better not to risk it?
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fb227475934874 3 #

Guys, who have a limited liability company preferably in Switzerland, how did you do the paperwork? where did you go? should I call special companies to help with it? After all, this is extra costs and expenses... What do you think? Anyway, I would like to read your Swiss company formation stories!
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Jemilliz 2 #

Hi there! If you want to create your own business you need to pay attention on many things! Firstly you need to understand how to register you company and how to work with taxes. I can recommend to hire accountant from Osome bookkeeping service like we do in our offshore company in Hong Kong. Their specialists can also help your with company creation, you can read detailed info on the website.
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