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Tecno Spark 3 Wins AITTA Phone of The Year Excellent

Activities  |  2019-7-16 18:44 202469

TECNO have been awarded Phone of the Year for their TECNO Spark 3 device launched earlier this year.  The Africa Information Technology & Telecoms Awards (AITTA) (Link: https://aittawards.com/) describe themselves as “an award program that recognises customer service, innovation and excellence in Africa in the Telecom and Information Technology industry“.  This is the third year running for the awards.  It is unclear what criteria was used to award TECNO, and what other phones were considered for this category. It is also unclear from the release if there’ve been other similar Phone of the Year awards from AITTA before. And if so, which phones have won the awards previously.  The official press release by TECNO states that:TECNO SPARK 3 was awarded as the phone of the year as a result of its cutting edge features as well as its positive reception by TECNO brand loyals, and customers.  Starting their business from the Africa market in 2006, TECNO has been Africa’s leading smartphone brand and was the first dual-SIM handset supplier to the African continent. Focusing on providing high performance and cutting edge smartphone that use the latest technology and at sweet price point, TECNO smartphones have become incredibly popular throughout Africa due to the exceptional value-for-money they offer.   TECNO is currently present in more than 70 countries in emerging markets including Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.
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Jaypee 10 #

they are always the best
2020-4-2 17:22 Like(1)

Jaypee 9 #

congratulations to tecno
2020-4-2 17:22 Like(1)

Jaypee 8 #

2020-4-2 17:21 Like(1)

TechGuy 7 #

Spark 3 series is an amazing phone especially the Pro version perhaps mine is taking long to get the Android 10 update I don't know why
2020-3-31 04:22 Like(1)

Toro1 6 #

2020-3-30 22:07 Like(1)

249550427697 5 #

2020-3-29 04:34 Like(1)

ezeukwuezeleke 4 #

Thanks brother.<br />
Good morning.
2019-7-17 03:28 Like(1)

RayanEmpire Author3 #

2019-7-17 03:14 Like(1)

ezeukwuezeleke 2 #

Congratulations to Tecno for winning the award. This award should be dedicated to its customers and this award is all the more reasons why Tecno should take the complaints and feedbacks of its customers seriously. Customers can make and they can mar too. <br />
Tecno should restore the FONTS and other FEATURES removed from its devices without further delay.
2019-7-16 20:54 Like(2)



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