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General  |  2019-11-28 06:25 267849

Welcome to our newTECNO SPOT forum

Hope you guys are having fun here , but do remember to show your utmost respect to the fellow TECNO Fans around you. We sincerely hope that this will be an online platform where everyone can have fun and feel safe as we share and learn from each other


So before you start to navigate around in our TECNO SPOTlet me introduce some new rules to you

1.Everyone's T-Points froman old TECNO SPOT account will be transferred to our new TECNO SPOT, so don’t worry about it

2.In our newTECNO SPOT, everyone will have a Membership Center which is about User level Experience valueT-Points and Current Badge.

As shown in the picture belowit is atotal of 6 user levels and each different level corresponding to different experience scores.


Maybe you will askWhat the level used for

——The answer is that, the higher level you getthe the greater your chances to be invited to become TECNO SPOT super fans, Moderator, Super Moderator and so onthat means you will have many rights such as can edit &delete Others' comment & posts, recommend the post and trending post to the homepage  or digest and stick the post as well.

All in all you can be part of TECNO staff and we will work together to make our TECNO SPOT be betterin order to offer better service to our fans and friends

3.So how to get the experience scoreswe put all the answers below


4.Beside that,what is the Current BadgeSee the picture below


There two ways to get the badge:
By number of posts you have published in thecommunity and number of Days you have checked in to your account.

The user who ownsthe badge considers being the loyal user of the TECNO SPOT which is a greathonor.

General these are the leading new feature of our New TECNO SPOT,do you like it?

If you want to know more about about othernew updates, pls join us and share your life here!

We are waiting foryou

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echebirijnr 16 #

nice post
2019-12-12 12:11 Like(1)

Bravesoulmarz 8 #

Any benefits attached?
2019-12-6 12:38 Like(0)
  • Evans@TECNO : Refer to point 2 in the article. The higher level you get, the greater your chances to become Superfan and enjoy those priorities.

    2019-12-9 22:50

  • TECNO SPOT Official : Hello , friend, about the benefits, we'll update it later,thanks for your supporting!

    2019-12-9 22:40

Bravesoulmarz 7 #

Really cool
2019-12-6 12:37 Like(0)

enoch273 6 #

This is a welcome development
2019-12-4 20:58 Like(0)

lummyfinest 5 #

I like this
2019-12-3 19:51 Like(0)

tolugaruba 4 #

2019-12-3 14:55 Like(0)

nas 3 #

2019-12-3 04:44 Like(1)



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