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We are recruiting moderators!

Activities  |  2019-12-3 01:49 795792

2019-12-03 00:00 - 2020-1-1 23:59Has ended
Hello, T- Fans!!

The TECNO SPOT Communityis a special family to be and growing tremendously fast.

We have more than 46 thousand members!

It calls for more hands in for our New Moderator Recruitment inviting mostpassionate T-Fans to have better support on TECNO SPOT Forum.

In order to provide for you a good environment and enrich TECNO SPOT content,we need more helping hands to help us manage the forum.

We are hiring moderators !


Moderators are an essential part of  the  TECNO SPOTjust as our as most passionate of our T-Fans, to benefit the rest of thecommunity.

If you are a T-fanand have passion for TECNO Products, we'd love for you to join us!

1.How to Apply?

To apply pls kindly comment this post and tell us How can you be a good moderator?

The more detail that you will have the chance to win the quota

The role of moderator is voluntary but you stand to gain also:
- T-points ,it can be used to exchange many things as rewards
- Higher Read Permission
- Forum threads management
- Talk to TECNO SPOT Admin team directly.
- Get to participate in fans meetings, online and offline activities
-You get to own the title of Internship Moderator in TECNO SPOT
And so on……


- Create quality threads to designated sections.
- Help users to solve their problems and Answer their queries in time.
- Offer guidance to forum members to help them use the forum properly.
- Keep your section neat and clean.
- Do moderation wherever required. Edit, move, merge, or remove threads orposts that do not comply with related rules.
- Organize online events to encourage participation on TECNO SPOT
- Let more T-fans like and communicate in your section


- Have a TECNO device
- Willing to follow TECNO SPOT forum Rules and carry out dutiesresponsibly.
- Humble, good listener and learner.
- Must be a good team player and cooperative.
- Should have fairly good command over English.
- Are Passionate about TECNO and have good knowledge on TECNO and itsfeatures.
- Familiar with TECNO Devices and its features (or be really good atGoogling, searching online for answers or simply just asking fellow modshumbly).
- Have enough time and able to be Online at least 2-3 hours a day.

Successful candidates will be contacted.

Dear users,
kindly wait for official announcement on TECNO SPOT for the same.
Apply Now!!!


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242311910276 73 #

i love Techno products as they are fascinating, i can be a reliable moderator if given the chance. I am a very good moderator of various groups on Facebook and i have maintained a healthy relationship and trained people to become moderators. If you want same team spirit displayed and more I assure you that its most appropriate you consider me as a volunteer on your platform. Thanks...
2020-2-26 07:02 Like(0)

239525721807 72 #

accepted thank you
2020-2-21 14:39 Like(0)

MrT4real 71 #

I love to be a moderator cos I am good at it. I have been a moderator of a group on Facebook for months and I have been doing just fine there. If I am considered to be your moderator, I will try my best to make this forum move forward and make it interesting than this by His grace.
2020-2-18 17:47 Like(0)

SivashankarS 70 #

I'm using LB8A  AND sure can help
2020-2-18 15:21 Like(1)

240030250424 69 #

am interested
2020-2-15 10:50 Like(0)

239802062726 68 #

please I need help with my phantom 6plus..it goes off any minutes.. need to wait for some seconds before coming on..
2020-2-14 09:54 Like(0)

ts03131562754 67 #

2020-2-13 04:15 Like(0)

ts03131562754 66 #

name muhammad Usman
tecno spark 4
2020-2-13 04:09 Like(0)

237535523006 65 #

2020-2-4 09:10 Like(0)



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