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We are recruiting moderators!

Activities  |  2019-12-3 01:49 795791

2019-12-03 00:00 - 2020-1-1 23:59Has ended
Hello, T- Fans!!

The TECNO SPOT Communityis a special family to be and growing tremendously fast.

We have more than 46 thousand members!

It calls for more hands in for our New Moderator Recruitment inviting mostpassionate T-Fans to have better support on TECNO SPOT Forum.

In order to provide for you a good environment and enrich TECNO SPOT content,we need more helping hands to help us manage the forum.

We are hiring moderators !


Moderators are an essential part of  the  TECNO SPOTjust as our as most passionate of our T-Fans, to benefit the rest of thecommunity.

If you are a T-fanand have passion for TECNO Products, we'd love for you to join us!

1.How to Apply?

To apply pls kindly comment this post and tell us How can you be a good moderator?

The more detail that you will have the chance to win the quota

The role of moderator is voluntary but you stand to gain also:
- T-points ,it can be used to exchange many things as rewards
- Higher Read Permission
- Forum threads management
- Talk to TECNO SPOT Admin team directly.
- Get to participate in fans meetings, online and offline activities
-You get to own the title of Internship Moderator in TECNO SPOT
And so on……


- Create quality threads to designated sections.
- Help users to solve their problems and Answer their queries in time.
- Offer guidance to forum members to help them use the forum properly.
- Keep your section neat and clean.
- Do moderation wherever required. Edit, move, merge, or remove threads orposts that do not comply with related rules.
- Organize online events to encourage participation on TECNO SPOT
- Let more T-fans like and communicate in your section


- Have a TECNO device
- Willing to follow TECNO SPOT forum Rules and carry out dutiesresponsibly.
- Humble, good listener and learner.
- Must be a good team player and cooperative.
- Should have fairly good command over English.
- Are Passionate about TECNO and have good knowledge on TECNO and itsfeatures.
- Familiar with TECNO Devices and its features (or be really good atGoogling, searching online for answers or simply just asking fellow modshumbly).
- Have enough time and able to be Online at least 2-3 hours a day.

Successful candidates will be contacted.

Dear users,
kindly wait for official announcement on TECNO SPOT for the same.
Apply Now!!!


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234170943337 54 #

interested please
2020-1-20 08:48 Like(0)

noble 53 #

haven use variety of Techno phone products and worked as a customer care personal and information desk officer with high proficiency in debugging coupled with speed and accuracy in problem solving/anwers makes me outstanding .,  Am docile, I Constantly upgrade with Techno phone Products and follow new trends. I wish i can be given the opportunity to work as a moderator. Thanks
2020-1-17 14:35 Like(0)

233425233344 52 #

hello am very much in being a tecno team of moderators am humble kind willing to listen, learn and help customers with their needs thanks am hoping to hear from you soon
2020-1-17 02:35 Like(0)

qasaj 51 #

hi , I am tecno lover I'm also a phone technician ,I love to be a moderator
2020-1-15 04:48 Like(0)

kinyanjuisimon 50 #

I'm interested in helping out. Very diplomatic and almost a Tecno worshipper. Available when needed and very conversant with Tecno mobile,  hence would be useful to guys looking for answers.
2020-1-14 16:49 Like(1)

behave 49 #

Been a phone Enthusiast and also loyal fan of Tecno gadgets, I believe I have what it takes assist users facing any issues with all Tecno products both old and new.

I'm also familiar with hiOS over the years which makes upto the task. Specialized in other areas on the forum too.
2020-1-14 10:04 Like(1)
  • qasaj : hi ,are you a technician ?because I am a technician too

    2020-1-15 04:57

G-Naya 48 #

I am interested in being a moderator, I have all the trouble shooting skills and solutions to any kind of problem concerning any tecno devices, I am more willing to work with you.
2020-1-13 15:31 Like(0)

232131291319 47 #

how are you
2020-1-11 12:18 Like(2)

232131291319 46 #

2020-1-11 12:17 Like(1)

231597654917 45 #

I'd be very much interested in being a TECNO Team of Moderators.
I believe I have the required skills as described above.

Hoping to hear from you.

Thanks with regards.
2020-1-9 08:48 Like(1)



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