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【Upgrade in advance】Android Q for TECNO SPARK 3 Pro(only for 2,000 users)

Spark 3 Pro  |  2019-12-5 04:45 8019200

Hi SPARK 3 Pro users :

TECNO SPARK 3 Pro will be in the Android Qprogram, we will be in advance for 2000 users to upgrade to the officialversion of the Android Q.
Click here to apply!


With Android™ optimized OS, it can offerconsumers several benefits including:

1. It uses less of your phone's battery, and causes lesssstrain on your eyes in dim environments.


2. Enable Colorful Chatting

Best WhatsAppAssistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with yourfriends.Apowerful box that can make you DIY emoji , save  WhatsApp status , automatically open flashwhile you have incoming WhatsApp call etc.


3. Anaccessibilityfeature by flashing your phone to provide a visible cue for WhatsApp incomingCalls.


4. Rescue your favorite status as long as you want
Say no to 24hours-limited vanished. Now you are the one who have the option to saveWhatsApp status as long as you want!


5. A new gesture-based option to give your more immersive switchexperience. A quick left or right swipe will take you back to your previousmenu and a quick swipe up from the bottom of phone screen will take you back toyour home screen.


6. To do that, head toSettings > Game mode> Message notification method ,choose pop-up notification or completedshielded, Gaming time  is all yours .


7. Never Game off until you say no
A special design for Game lovers. They can choosescreen-off to safe battery and data while unstop gaming.


8. A noticeable improvement on security.By giving you more control overhow often apps can access your location, ways to stop apps from guessing yourlocation.


9. Wifisharegives you a handy option to share your WiFithrough a QR code. when your friendvisits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom –they’reconnected to your router.
To do that, headtoSettings > Network & internet > WiFiand click on the connecteddevice name. After scaningthe QR code ,you can enjoy surfing on the internet.


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57 #

please i need You they firmware tecno spark 6 go
2022-8-18 01:18 Like(0)

bjadalsbyy27@gmail.com 56 #

2022-6-26 20:49 Like(0)

bjadalsbyy27@gmail.com 55 #

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Albendet 54 #

Where can I get the stable Android 10 for techno spark 3 pro I upgraded to it but once my phone screen is off it completely fail screen sensor till I restart ?????
2020-7-16 02:50 Like(1)

Man Chilu. 53 #

help me I don't how to turn on notifications light on tecno spark 3pro
2020-6-5 02:33 Like(0)

260593415543 52 #

how can I get an update
2020-5-12 14:20 Like(0)

David Yates 51 #

how I get this upgrage
2020-4-27 08:03 Like(0)

dE kInG 50 #

thanks so much ???????????? tecno
2020-4-8 06:24 Like(1)

227208880581 49 #

please help us do something about upgrade for spark 3 no new features nothing nothing no improvement about the upgrade they usually bring
2020-3-18 17:40 Like(2)

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