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Boomplay collaborates with Sony Music to expand music territory Excellent

Boomplay  |  2019-12-12 01:44 4712493

In November 2019, Boomplay, African music streaming and download service platform jointly established by Transsion Holdings and NetEase, officially reached strategic cooperation with Sony Music. Boomplay will be Sony Music's largest digital music audio content partner in Africa. This is another major move after Warner Boomplay to expand the music copyright cooperation camp and further expand the African music market. At this point, Boomplay has obtained copyright blessings from the three major music groups of Universal Music, Warner Music, and Sony Music, building a broader music landscape.


Boomplay is Africa's largest music streaming and downloading service platform. As of October 2019, Boomplay has more than 60 million users and a music library size of up to 10 million, and it is still growing rapidly. And Sony Music has a prestigious lineup of superstars, including Nigeria's "veteran" star Wizkid, King of Afrobeats Davido, Kenya's Mr. Reggae Redsan, to pop star Beyoncé, music giant DJ Khaled, rapper French Montana and hip-hop king Future, etc. Through Boomplay's strong digital music distribution capabilities and huge user base, combined with Sony Music's rich production experience in the field of music entertainment, music library, and artist resources, this landmark combination will provide African consumers with better quality music. Service and experience.


Committed to building Africa's largest and most trusted digital music ecosystem is Boomplay's vision for development. With the completion of strategic cooperation, more artists will benefit from Boomplay's growing influence and increasingly perfect African music ecosystem, gain more exposure opportunities, and expand broader development space. In the future, Boomplay will continue to expand cooperation on copyrighted content, always keep in mind its mission, and make unremitting efforts to achieve its development vision.

Boomplay is one of the innovative achievements of Transsion Holdings in vigorously developing the mobile Internet ecosystem in Africa. The success of Boomplay fully reflects Transsion's years of working in Africa, deep insights into the local market and consumer needs, and, based on the insights, it integrates high-quality internal and external resources, constantly innovates, and creates first-class user experiences and unique values.

In the future, Transsion will continue to adhere to the concept of "Think Globally, Act Locally," and continue to grow and strengthen the African mobile Internet ecosystem through the powerful traffic entry resources of its own intelligent terminals.


What do you think about this collabo? Send your feedback and let the community hearing your thoughts.

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thats awesome
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NandishChothani 31 #

jio savaan and Spotify and wynk
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228377046595 30 #

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Shoaib Jan 29 #

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yusufaliu 28 #

Evans I wrote to you in response to your reply on my  comment on kaykerry's post of which I attaached pictures to it but returning back to the message from what I can see at my end, shows you received the pictures but not the text. Just like I was telling you that text messages disappears into thin air when sent. Sorry am saying this here. I just want to clarify the picture message you received from me on your message box. The text attached to it disappeared like they always do on the new Tspot. I can't write you another one because they will disappear again and again and again
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Jemilliz 27 #

I also like these news! It is very cool for music lovers. I listen music almost everywhere:) I even recently bought cool bluetooth speaker from best party speakers top pick, you can click here to read it if you want:)
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227261052979 26 #

i love this!!
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Barekese Mmrante Hene 24 #

Great news
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227015005075 23 #

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