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[Discussion] Share your Spark 3 Pro Android Q and HiOS 6.0 Update Experience Here

Spark 3 Pro  |  2019-12-21 10:08 23018370


Hello T-Fans,

Where you among the lucky 2000 first phase users who got the Spark 3 Pro HiOS 6.0 and Android 10 update?

What are your favourite features and what do you think needs improvement on?

We would like you to share your experience here!

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ts9067669557 97 #

My phone is now  having heating problem. Though I still like the features of the Android 10. What can I do to fix this issue without rolling it back to Android pie
2020-3-13 12:20 Like(0)
  • MacTon SNR : That's good for you...keep it up. Those of us already there we must be happy for our wisdom. If you didn't apply...then you should be crying the rest of your life.

    2020-3-30 03:54

  • frankkinuthia : It's always advisable after a major OS upgrade such as from Pie to 10 in your case, to backup your files and perform a factory reset. Consider that too. Or a cache partition wipe in the recovery menu

    2020-3-14 20:20

  • frankkinuthia : The phone heating up is always there, no matter what version of Android you're on. Under Phone Master, tap cooldown and find the energy hungry apps that run in background causing heating issues and uninstall them

    2020-3-14 20:17

Benabib03 96 #

bonjour j'ai beaucoup aimer spark 3 pro je transforme en tout ce que je veux
2020-3-12 10:43 Like(0)

244360129343 94 #

when will phantom 9 get Android 10 updates
2020-3-6 22:50 Like(0)
  • MacTon SNR : Oya, keep your faith for yourself.... what is phantom 9 forget it forever.... I'm telling people are enjoying with TECNO SPARK 3 pro and you're here yelling all over for upgrade...you must be joking.

    2020-3-30 03:52

  • frankkinuthia : Keep the faith.

    2020-3-8 06:03

244320178292 93 #

pls I want get one but I have nothing
2020-3-6 17:22 Like(0)

flashykid 92 #

my phone touch pad stop working after upgraded to Android 10. if am using my phone and I decided to lock it and later I want to use it .. the touch pad stop working unless I restart my phone..
2020-3-4 17:07 Like(0)

austinebanks 91 #

pls what's the different BTW security update and system update , cuz spark 3 has refused to update since last year November.. after wasting my data thrice all I could see is error error, pls I need to be fixed
2020-3-4 03:54 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Visit my profile and read about solutions to update or upgrade problems.

    2020-3-10 15:22

flashykid 90 #

after I have upgraded my phone to Android 10 it has been misbehaving.. I want to roll back to Android pie.. how can I do that
2020-2-27 06:23 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Factory reset your device and it would stop misbehaving

    2020-2-29 23:59

  • OKayode : the same way you upgraded

    2020-2-28 05:56

goncalogulite 89 #

Tou a curt mas quero atualizar a urtima verção do F
2020-2-24 05:50 Like(0)

abdiaskabore0 88 #

no backup animation for gesture navigation, bug for WhatsApp, bug for camera, reset apk only, old securite pack (since november), less of Android 10 caracteristic.
2020-2-21 13:22 Like(0)
  • flashykid : still desame.. how can I roll back to Android pie

    2020-3-4 17:03

  • ahiadzro : Factory reset your device for a quick fix

    2020-3-1 00:03

  • abdiaskabore0 : issu with count Google and all apk using Google count.

    2020-2-22 03:48

Tanzir Islam 87 #

Finally i found spark 3 pro stable Android 10 firmware.. what about next update
2020-2-19 15:12 Like(0)

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