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[Discussion] Share your Spark 3 Pro Android Q and HiOS 6.0 Update Experience Here

Spark 3 Pro  |  2019-12-21 10:08 15613636


Hello T-Fans,

Where you among the lucky 2000 first phase users who got the Spark 3 Pro HiOS 6.0 and Android 10 update?

What are your favourite features and what do you think needs improvement on?

We would like you to share your experience here!

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migho 7 #

it sucks
2019-12-21 17:20 Like(0)
  • migho : I got the update it always signs my Google account out

    2019-12-30 13:36

  • tolugaruba : He did not get the update

    2019-12-22 02:02

  • ahiadzro : I am sure you are joking.

    2019-12-21 22:40

OKayode 6 #

2019-12-21 16:56 Like(0)

Ochieng26921 5 #

Otherwise am enjoying the update????????
2019-12-21 14:01 Like(0)

Ochieng26921 4 #

When you turn over ride force dark mode ON it conflicts with some apps like facebook..Kindly rectify on the nxt update
2019-12-21 13:56 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : The app has to support dark mode for it to work so when you force the app to use dark mode, it would always conflict. That has nothing to do with Tecno.

    2019-12-21 14:31

ahiadzro 3 #

I don't actually know how peek mode works. I have tried to peek but I am yet to succeed. However, I could simply peek from the notification panel making peek mode redundant. If it could pop up like FB Messanger, it might be better.
2019-12-21 11:18 Like(1)

ahiadzro 2 #

I had a few challenges(WhatsApp Video call, Smart Panel and Fonts) at the beginning but after a factory reset, I experienced the best and full experience of android 10. The can always be an improvement but there are no bugs. However Social Turbo Peek Mode needs an improvement.

Everything works perfectly and I am used to it.
2019-12-21 10:43 Like(2)
  • eliashadow : thanks for an actual feedback

    2019-12-22 03:41

  • Ochieng26921 : What do you mean by fully experiencing android 10 after factory reset? Are there some issues solved after that?

    2019-12-21 14:00

  • HiOS Official Account : Thanks for your feedback. Please can you state the improvement you would like to see on the Peek mode

    2019-12-21 10:59

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