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How to Enable Screen Pinning on your Smartphone

General  |  2019-12-31 02:15 71420

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Screen pinning on Android (1).png

We’ve all been there – someone asks to use your phone, and we’ve scrambled to hide certain pictures or information we don’t want others to see.

But here's the trick, there’s actually a way to share your phone safely, by just locking your friends on the very screen or app you have designated to them.


How to Enable Screen Pinning
1. Click on Settings > Security, and turn on Screen Pinning (Ask for PIN before unpinning).

2. After activating screen pinning, open the app that your friend needs to use. Open overview or your recent apps, select and tap on the app's icon as shown above. From the drop-down menu, select Pin.

3. Your opened app would remain pinned without access to other apps until it's unlocked.

How to Disable Screen Pinning
1. To unpin, you would need to tap both the overview or recent apps and back button together to unpin after you entered a password.
2. If you are using gesture navigation, swipe up and hold to unpin.
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Gishman 6 #

thanks for info
2021-2-22 00:40 Like(1)

Dereey 5 #

Great info! Thanks.
2021-2-20 07:36 Like(1)

Deeman 4 #

nice... thank you for this
2021-2-9 19:19 Like(1)

Ajmal Shakeel Attari 3 #

Thank you! for this information.
2020-8-26 04:06 Like(1)

migho 2 #

on Android 10 you slide up ur home button and hold
2019-12-31 02:56 Like(1)



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