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How to Enjoy Uninterrupted Gaming Experience Using the Floating Window

HiOS  |  2020-1-6 11:59 4714119

Hello T-fans,
Almost everyone loves to play games. From simple 2D games like Candy Crush to complex 3D games like Call of Duty, there seems to be a game for everyone. Mobile gaming has become one of the perks of using a mobile phone.

But during a gaming session, you might sometimes need to urgently reply a message and at the same time, you don’t want to quite a game you are so deep into. Or it might be a case where you are stuck on a particular stage in the game and you need to search online for assistance, but you know exiting the screen would quit the game or make you miss some actions, so it is not an option. What do you do in such situations?

floating window.png

The answer is The Floating Window!
This is a solution introduced on the latest version of HiOS, version 5.5 (and above).
How does it work?
float 2.jpg
When gaming and you really need to reply to a Whatsapp message or search for something online, all you need to is trigger the Game Assistant by swiping (either left of the screen, depending on the location of the Smart Panel). You would now select the option you want (Either web browseror Whatsapp). The app appears on the screen in a floating manner without interruptingthe gaming screen. You can move the Floating Window to any part of the screen.
Once done, you just click on the “x” on the top of the floating window and it is gone!

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231584360732 10 #

plz add night mode on it almost good phone
2020-1-9 07:42 Like(0)

Mani257Pk 9 #

Awesome feature
2020-1-9 05:27 Like(0)

231193790785 8 #

2020-1-7 15:24 Like(0)

FabienN 7 #

Why not in HIOS 6.0?
2020-1-7 12:49 Like(0)

SmartX 6 #

t'hat's very good
2020-1-7 09:42 Like(0)

misturshay 5 #

That's an improvement
2020-1-6 17:48 Like(0)

Barekese Mmrante Hene 4 #

Thanks for the info
2020-1-6 17:11 Like(0)

40437133091 3 #

so much love it when am playing my pes game.
2020-1-6 14:37 Like(0)

Daniel Bliss 2 #

I need hios upgrade on spark 3 kb7
2020-1-6 12:59 Like(0)

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