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USSD Code & SIM Board

HiOS  |  2020-1-10 06:23 589877

Hello T-Fans,
As you know, HiOS is commited to improving user experience and developing features users can use and interact with. In a bid to improve user experience, we have developed 2 new features that would give you a whole new experience:

1. Instant USSD
This feature delivers all USSD codes from Mobile Operators in just a second!
No need to search for complicated USSD code one by one.
Just open your dial-pad and dial * to check the list of USSD codes.
One-click to access the corresponding service! (Coming Soon)
USSD code.jpg
2. SIM Board
This feature helps you get your Sim card statistics.
So no need to worry about data traffic overuse!
Check SIM Board for traffic occupancy on different apps.
Show your most frequent calls from your dear friends. (Coming Soon)

SIM Board.jpg

P.S: This feature is only available for SPARK 4 Users for now. Go to HiOS lab to activate it.

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walssy 10 #

tro cool
2020-1-11 01:26 Like(0)

akasulo 9 #

just checked mine it's not there
2020-1-10 22:21 Like(0)


2020-1-10 14:04 Like(0)

Daniel Bliss 7 #

Hios,  you guys can confused people for Africa
2020-1-10 13:56 Like(0)

lummyfinest 6 #

2020-1-10 12:37 Like(0)

caaqil22 5 #

very nice ????
2020-1-10 11:05 Like(0)

nas 4 #

This is very cool
2020-1-10 08:10 Like(0)

yusufaliu 3 #

Very very good. Impressive
2020-1-10 07:30 Like(0)

OKayode 2 #

Great move!!! Hoping to get it on all devices soon????????????
2020-1-10 06:46 Like(0)

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