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TECNO Mobile Consolidating Its Collaboration with Google at CES 2020 Excellent

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January 9th, 2020  -- Global premier mobile phone brand TECNO Mobileis to bring its latest Camon 12 Pro Smartphone, powered by Google’s Android™ 9 Pie operating system and equipped with the GoogleAssistant Button, to CES 2020 this January 7th .

TECNO Mobile has joined a partnershipwith Google to bring the latest Android operating system to customers. AsGoogle is making improvements to Android for a smooth experience on the newclass of smart device, TECNO launched latest CAMON 12 Pro smartphone featuringthe Google Assistant Button which displayed in a Google booth at CES 2020, to helpusers get things done fast and plan ahead so users can focus on what mattersmost.

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“TECNO emphasizes immersive user experiences providedthrough cutting-edge hardware and software,” said Stephen HA, president ofTRANSSION and GM of TECNO Mobile, “We are delighted to embark on this missionwith Google.”

The newly released CAMON 12 Pro is equipped with 16+2+8MPAI Max Triple Rear camera, revolutionary in-display fingerprint scanner and theAndroid™ operating system,providing:
●      Multi-camerasupport and camera updates: With its triple rear camera, usersenjoy seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision.
●      AR Emoji: CAMON12 Pro users can animate their favorite emoji with real facial expressions.
●      EnhancedMessaging Experience: Users can reply to messages or enterother text directly from notifications. Android™ 9 Pie now displays images in Messaging Notificationson phones.
●      Simplifiednotification channel settings: Users can now block entire groups ofchannels within the notification settings for an app. Android™ 9 Pie now sends broadcast intents whenthe blocking state of notification channels and channel groups changes.
●      TheGoogle Assistant Button: With the GoogleAssistant, users can manage tasks, keep in touch, get answers and control homewherever you go. It also helps users stay one step ahead with smart suggestionsand reminders right when need them, directly on the phone screen. To getstarted, just say “Hey Google” or tap the Google Assistant Button.

TECNO has demonstrated its strong ability to take the leadby responding to the latest consumer trends with robust R&D. TECNO willfurther expand its partnership with Google to provide customers with moresophisticated and powerful smartphones.

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232041837199 35 #

Update our phones stop all the nonsense I think Kenya should regularly regulate smart phones market to avoid kanyans from buying fake staff
2020-1-15 16:40 Like(0)

221667555212 34 #

pop f2 battery charging problem
2020-1-15 15:01 Like(0)

18523321732 33 #

dbbdhd jdjd
2020-1-14 03:31 Like(0)

232675300466 32 #

nice compaby
2020-1-13 18:42 Like(0)

743162794 31 #

release android version update for old phones like camon 11 plz!!
2020-1-13 00:33 Like(1)

228770918495 30 #

2020-1-12 14:50 Like(0)

232041837199 29 #

Please update cammon 12 pro please
2020-1-12 12:23 Like(0)

ryanrhema 28 #

this should be on tecno spark 4
2020-1-12 05:18 Like(2)

Djsmazzy 27 #

Tecno mobile Please since have updated my phone [LB7] all Facebook related apps as been disappearing once i restart the phone. What can i do?
2020-1-11 17:06 Like(2)

230035293027 26 #

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