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Turning your Phone to a Spy Machine on HiOS 5.0 Using Peek Mode

HiOS  |  2020-1-14 10:08 15116260

Hi T-Fans,

Social media has become part of our daily lives. We are constantly chatting and sending messages to friends and families all day long. Out of all the well-known social media platforms, Whatsapp is the most popular.

Almost everyone is on Whatsapp. During our course of interactions on Whatsapp, lots of messages are sent and received. Out of those messages, some get deleted by us, while some are deleted by the sender.

There are also times where you want to quickly view a message sent to you, without the sender knowing we have viewed the message.
Well, I have got good news! We have developed a feature that makes all these possible.

Introducing, the Peek Mode.

The Peek mode is a feature under the Social Turbo App.

How does it work?

Just scroll to your Social TurboApp and open it. Select Peek Mode. And you would see all your missed Whatsapp messages, including the deleted messages.

Try it now!

2b0bbd9b-6887-4237-a4b1-b877df55d11b.jpg c6f5152a-2a79-4c49-a35a-dd39f19aee2e.jpg

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Swarnayu 86 #

my tecno phone don't have social turbo apl
2020-3-14 23:23 Like(0)

fb245863581414 85 #

Great article. I hope you will continue to have many such high quality articles to share with us. I believe many people will be surprised to read this article. thank you!

2020-3-14 06:19 Like(0)

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2020-3-12 09:02 Like(0)

227919317012 83 #

link send plz souchal tarbo plz
2020-3-8 16:11 Like(0)

Ubaejike1 82 #

Where do I download the application
2020-3-3 17:02 Like(0)

198199824460 81 #

2020-2-27 00:00 Like(0)

213382811735 80 #

How to get this
2020-2-22 08:22 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Visit my profile to download it

    2020-3-1 00:08

magk5 79 #

where do I download it
2020-2-17 10:17 Like(2)

239846967948 78 #

2020-2-14 13:54 Like(0)

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