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How to Boost Your Phone For Gaming

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Below are tips for leveling up that experience and improving performance and stability; getting the action up the easy way without rooting your phone:

1. Silence Notification
You don't want an immersive gaming experience interrupted by messages about dinner from your family, so turn off notifications while you're gaming. Tapping on  Do not disturb is always best.

2. Make sure you have enough space on both RAM and ROM
It's a good idea to leave a decent chunk of free space on your phone to give games room to work with, and one way of doing that is to uninstall or disable apps or files you're no longer using.

3. Keep your Home Screen clear
Do not load your home screen with too many apps and avoid live wallpapers as they tend to consume a chunk of device memory affecting its performance. Set simple wallpaper for your home screen and keep only essential applications there.

4. Improving game performance with android Developer options settings
After you activate the Developer options, you will be able to find a setting that can help improve your gaming experience. Once you get into the menu you must search for the Force 4x MSSA (Multi-sample anti-aliasing) option.

After you enable this option, your device will run game apps at the best quality available. This happens because Android will be forced to use 4x multisampling anti-aliasing in games written in OpenGL 2.0.

You must be aware though that this option will make you consume a lot of battery, so we recommend to use when your phone is fully charged. Also, you should disable this option after you finish your gaming time.

5. Use Game Mode on your android devices to optimize your phone.
That is the new game booster in town.

6. At all costs, put off your data for offline games but if you are playing online games make sure you have the best network available.

7. Turn Off Animations

8. Turn off background services

9. Use lower in-game settings instead of the higher settings. Such as dropping the resolution

10. Keep your android version updated
11. Update the game

12. Turn off power saving mode and data saving mode, it reduces performance

13. Turn off auto-sync on android phone

Note: If nothing is working and you feel your phone has just lost its sheen, one drastic option is to simply perform a factory reset or wipe cache partition.

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