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Social Turbo App: Download it Here Excellent

General  |  2020-1-18 02:51 8823485

This post was last edited by ahiadzro at 2020-6-7 23:27

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Social Turbo is the Best WhatsApp Assistant Box with multiple features to help you enjoy chatting with your friends. A powerful box that can make you DIY emoji, save  WhatsApp status, automatically open flash while you have incoming WhatsApp call, etc.

Social Turbo Features

1. Flashlight Notification
Flashlight alert on WhatsApp call

2. WhatsApp Status
See your friend's status anytime you want and save them in your local storage.
Click here to find out how.

3. Clean WhatsApp
Save more space by getting rid of junk data from WhatsApp

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4. Auto Makeup for Video Chat
It makes your skin smoother and brighter for video chat

5. Sticker Maker
Create your own stickers for WhatsApp

6. Peek Mode
Peek on your received messages without sending read receipts

7. WhatsApp Mode
Only your WhatsApp can use data traffic

8. Voice Recorder
Saves audio of WhatsApp calls

How To Download Social Turbo

Click here to simply download the app or click on the link below to download the updated version of Social Turbo that comes with a Voice Recorder https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CuT3EJI0MOvmaPzUZsQU5RxEW9Yvwvy/view

PS: Use your phone's browser if you are facing downloading problems and do not forget to follow for more insightful posts.
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W. Cash 10 #

Even clicking the three dots and copying of the link still not working... Any help pls
2020-2-5 05:46 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : It works update your Tecno spot app if you have too. Just click the three dots and tap copy. It would give you a notification of copy successful and even if it does, it has copied the web link. All you need to do is, open your browser, tap the search box

    2020-2-5 06:39

W. Cash 9 #

Please how do I download this app on my camon 11pro coz have been Trying too after clicking the link you provide on your page bt wasn't going....
2020-2-5 05:45 Like(0)

Míѕѕ Poems 8 #

thanks ahiadzro .. I have downloaded it now
2020-2-1 14:39 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : You are always welcome. I hope it's compatible with your phone?

    2020-2-1 15:19

echebirijnr 7 #

please send the link here
2020-1-25 15:39 Like(1)
  • : i cant download

    2023-5-1 04:08

  • BigBoyEDEM : https://drive.google.com/file/d/14hzUBhZ4ya_MpFaS8E-esEk_lyRvgir2/view

    2020-1-25 22:01

234377346128 6 #

how do I copy the link to browser?
2020-1-21 05:38 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : If you are using the app, look at the three dots up > click on it and click copy. Paste it in the browser of your phone.

    2020-1-21 06:06


icnt download in your google link
2020-1-19 05:28 Like(0)
  • W. Cash : Was unable to download the app

    2020-2-3 18:39

  • BigBoyEDEM : Are you using a browser? Do not use the Tecno spot app to download.

    2020-1-19 05:38

Albert Kartel 4 #

why don't u send us another link like MediaFire not Google drive link
2020-1-19 00:48 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : The link is working fine, but the app doesn't support such downloads. So use a browser.

    2020-1-19 03:12

Ryanreigns 3 #

I can't download
2020-1-18 11:49 Like(0)

Ryanreigns 2 #

I can't download
2020-1-18 11:49 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : Do not use the app, rather you PHX Browser, Chrome or any other browser on your phone after you log in to Tecno Spot.

    2020-1-18 11:55



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