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1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest here comes,Big prize is waiting for you!

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2020-02-07 09:30 - 2020-2-29 23:59On going
Hello, dear friends!

Valentine‘s day is on the way! Do you know how to share love differently?

This time TECNO SPOT X Hi Theme will co-host 1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest to help you have a better and special valentine's day.

Just look at this picture and make yourself Valentine’s Day Original Mobile Wallpaper,then comment it here under this post.


Which is the style of your Valentine‘s Day Original Mobile wallpaper?
Show fashion or unique?
Retro, humour,cute,cartoonstyle……
Scenery,animal, game,festival content……

You’re the decider of wallpaper for billions of users
The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity
Go crazy with the ideas
Throw your imaginative artwork or photo to us
The big prize is waiting for you!!!

1. QTY:1 Prize——CAMON 12 Mobile phone x 1

2. QTY:10 Prize——The wallpaper of participant will be displayed on Hi Theme APP(such as Open/Lock screen recommendation, Wallpapers Home Recommended, Theme Mall Recommendation and so on )

Activity Timing:

Announcement period:

1. Upload your original Mobile Wallpaper(Photos/Hand-painted works)in replay to the TECNO SPOT activity post, Please submit a description of your image by words

2. Share the post on your social media wall and ask your friends to support you on winning

3. Remember
the winner will be peaked based on the number of likes they will receive, the user who gets the most likes can win CAMON 12 and the users who get the top 10 likes can show their productions on Hi Theme APP. In addition, the winner uploaded wallpaper must meet our requirements

4. The activity is only suitable for Nigeria, Keyna,Ghana,Mali,Tanzania,Guinea,Pakistan users

1. Image must be in vertical JPG format and applicable to TECNO mobile phone brands screen interface,the size is 1080*2160  and no less than 1080x2340 resolution
2. Participants are allowed to submit multiple images, each image has an independent award.

To ensure the contest is as fair as possible, all participants hereby read and agree with the statement below:
“Works must be unpublished or unauthorized for commercial use and will not violate any laws and regulations. They must be original works of their own. If a dispute arises from this, the contestants shall bear all responsibilities on their own. The company has the right to disseminate, print, exhibit and other activities to the works of all participants during the contest. The copyright of all winning works will belong to the company, and the company will no longer pay the copyright transfer fee. After winning, the author is required to sign the “Commitment Letter”, “Portrait Right Use Agreement”, “Real Right Agreement” and other related documents, which are mainly to confirm the originality of the work, the transfer of copyright, and the compliance of the use of portrait or real rights. The winners need to submit the source files of the works to the company. The final interpretation right of this contest belongs to the host departments.”



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232041837199 180 #

Cool time on sunny day
2020-2-20 04:11 Like(1)

ts0543542725 178 #

This post was last edited by ts0543542725 at 2020-2-19 03:49

love is like a mineral. It takes time to be refined and when it is, it glitters forever..
2020-2-19 03:47 Like(0)

SivashankarS 177 #

Each time the wind blows I call your name and whispers in morning, heavens glass you came... Sun Green for me now sky pink now when I hear you say  I Love You ❤❤❤ you changed my World...
2020-2-18 22:16 Like(1)

lamine 176 #

2020-2-18 20:18 Like(2)

Mhiztafila 175 #

The latest version of TECNO wallpaper is be coming so interested and fun even day in or out, so thank you TECNO mobile, I think millions of mobile users is going for Tecno
Happy val.
2020-2-18 18:21 Like(55)

Freshdjine 174 #

Si aimer c'est choisir, Je te choisirai pour le reste de ma vie. joyeux saint valentin
2020-2-18 15:40 Like(1)

Bdele 173 #

We started with love, grew up with plans and ignited the night with passion
2020-2-18 13:55 Like(20)
  • 240738140721 : I choose quality over quantity ilove this wallpaper, it's the best so far compared to the rest with likes. Tecno should pick this

    2020-2-19 12:08

  • 240875653294 : i choose quality over quantity. . this is unique

    2020-2-19 07:45

  • 240875653294 : yr work is soo fresh and original

    2020-2-19 07:19

  • 240810917504 : Perfect ... best so far

    2020-2-18 22:32

  • TECNO SPOT Official : wow, the color is beautiful and the words are poetic,thanks!

    2020-2-18 21:45

240582313705 172 #

When raw emotions gush into the skies far from the unaided eyes, unfiltered love resonates from within
2020-2-18 12:23 Like(25)

240707107127 169 #

2020-2-18 11:41 Like(0)


come let's celebrate this love
2020-2-18 09:54 Like(0)



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