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[Discussion] How to Use the Gesture Call Picker

HiOS  |  2020-1-28 11:04 10111028

Hello T-Fans,

During the course of our daily lives, we get our handsinvolved in a lot of activities which could range from cooking, washing,eating, cleaning and much more.

gesture call picker.png

These activities, obviously, are not strong enough toseparate us long enough from our beloved mobile device. We always want toconstantly be using our phones.

Imagine this scenario, you are eating this delicious localdish with your hands and then, this important call from your boss comes in, andyou can’t pick it because your hands are soiled. Disappointing right?

Well, the HiOS team saw this problem and decided to create asolution. The Gesture Call Picker.

How does it work?

Once you activate this feature, you can pick or reject a callon your mobile device without having to touch the device. All you need to do isdo the pick or reject gesture.

To answer a call, you do a peace sign over the top of thescreen (about 15cm away from the phone).
To reject a call, just do an Hi-five over the screen(about 15cm away from the phone).

How to activate it?

To activate this feature, all you need to do is simple:
gesture 2.png

Go to settings>>>MicroIntelligence>>>Answer with a gesture

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maleesky 42 #

2020-2-10 06:59 Like(0)

IH Nobin 41 #

does Tecno KC2 support this feature?
2020-2-9 00:29 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Check micro intelligence on your phone.

    2020-2-9 11:15

vicjone 40 #

I updated my tecno k7 with the latest update which added sportybet app and files go to my device which was okay but now sportybet requires me to update unless it won't open i tried updating from the app but it just keep on downloading its never going to end,I went to play store to get it done from there but its not on my app list,I can't find sportybet app on play store. I need help,does anyone knows how I can go about this.
2020-2-8 20:25 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Your issue as already been addressed

    2020-2-8 21:00

Ikenna Samuel 39 #

Does kb7j phones do it too???
2020-2-8 18:29 Like(0)

Ayush 38 #

is it works on tecno camon I air2×
2020-2-8 14:37 Like(0)

Ayush 37 #

Is it work on tecno id3k
2020-2-8 14:37 Like(0)

236213103666 36 #

it's on my Tecno Camon 12 but I activated it is not really working why??
2020-2-6 06:47 Like(0)

979318899 35 #

I didn't see it in Tecno phantom 9 why?
2020-2-5 14:34 Like(0)

Freshcoded 34 #

2020-2-4 23:30 Like(0)

arewajeje 33 #

2020-2-4 08:22 Like(0)

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