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Solutions to Font Problems

HiOS  |  2020-2-9 05:31 338278

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Fantasy Fonts.png

Font style refers to the size, weight, color, and style of typed characters within a document, in an email, a webpage, etc. In other words, the font style changes the appearance of a complete set of characters that make up a typeface or font.

While a font dictates point size, typeface style, italicization, boldface, and other ways characters are manipulated in a word processor.

How to Apply Fonts:
1. Click on Hi Theme > Discovery > Fonts > Select your designed font, download, and apply
2. Settings > Theme and lock screen > Fonts

How to Solve Font Issues

1. Reapply your fonts. Just select a new font, apply and revert back to the old one.

2. Clear data and cache of Fantasy fonts,  Magic fonts, and HiOS Launcher, then reapply your font. (Settings > Apps and Notification > See all apps (locate the app) > Clear Cache and Data)

3. Reset app preference and reapply your font (Settings > System > Reset Options > Reset app preference; You could also reset all system settings)

4. Factory reset your phone. I personally did this when I had fonts partially applied on my phone after upgrading to Android 10  and all I did failed but this finally worked. (Settings > System > Reset Options > Factory reset).

NOTE: Sometimes, all you need is a system update to solve your font issues so I would edge you to have a heart of patience.

Experimenting with Third-Party Apps

I experimented with third-party font apps and what I realized was:
1. You either have to download the Launcher and the font app for it to work, besides this the fonts are only applied to the home screen and not the entire phone.
2. The were a lot of ads on these apps.
3. Some third-party apps were simply incompatible.

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demon1991 10 #

This post was last edited by demon1991 at 2021-4-12 06:55

My boss says that everything requires an individual approach. And I agree with him. If you work with fonts, you should notice whether they fit easily into your project. The only problem is where to find so many fonts that the fantasy can be turned into reality. The font should convey the atmosphere and carry some message. For example, when I needed to create an ad for a women's clothing store, I used the ink free font. It looks elegant and refined. My clients were satisfied. By the way, if you don't like anything you find on the Internet, you can create your own font.
2021-4-12 06:53 Like(0)

ts30862041 9 #

My techno pova is  heating from the above close to front camera and close from the back  camerawhile playing games
2021-3-4 11:06 Like(0)

ts08068002578 8 #

Since i update my phone, the font that come with my tecno pouvoir 2 phone has disappear. I just need help to get them back. The ones i normally download don't use to show on my keepboard except home screen  please help me to retrieve that one that came with my phone.
2021-2-6 11:09 Like(0)

Aminusama 7 #

I have done all the necessary procedure the hi fonts just keeps loading without showing any font for my to download it's keep loading for more than an hour. I am using camon 12 pro
2020-11-8 01:00 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : Make sure you are using your default font before you download a new one. (It recently develop a bug and that's the only solution I have come up with until it's fixed)

    2020-11-8 05:57

Myr 6 #

Tried all the above and nothing has worked for me yet.
2020-3-4 02:40 Like(0)
  • ts660852949 : The same problem

    2021-10-23 07:09

  • BigBoyEDEM : Well, your phone is not supported yet. What phone do you use?

    2020-3-4 02:44

242272177966 5 #

how can I get a font app
2020-2-25 19:35 Like(0)

Sharmin 4 #

i Don't have any front option..... ????????????
2020-2-12 10:52 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : Sorry, what is your phone type? Can you show me the categories at Me?

    2020-2-12 10:56

Daniel Bliss 3 #

my friend, I have not receive the update to fix that. am even tired of complaining on one issue
2020-2-9 09:19 Like(0)
  • 30929334 : Launch spark 5 pro

    2021-3-14 04:39

  • BigBoyEDEM : Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. You are just talking based on feelings.

    2020-2-10 02:26

  • 7033806314 : What is a major and what is a minor issue? A major issue to you might not be to another brother.

    2020-2-10 02:16

  • BigBoyEDEM : If everything is working right on a phone and you are just complaining of fonts, that is not an emergency as someone with a major issue. Just hold your horses.

    2020-2-9 13:32

  • 7033806314 : How can you say he doesn't have a problem when it is clear that he has one?

    2020-2-9 13:15

7033806314 2 #

There's no solution here since there's no update to fix the font issue.
2020-2-9 06:01 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : Well, I said every month or the next. Google sometimes even skip updates for their phone and OEM always give up updating the phone after a while when there are no major issues.

    2020-2-9 13:39

  • 7033806314 : It doesn't come every month brother. I'm using Phantom 9 but I'm still stuck in December security patch. A lot of people here are still complaining about the font thing that was promised years ago but wasn't taken care of. Speak the truth when you se

    2020-2-9 13:14

  • BigBoyEDEM : Updates always come every month or the next.

    2020-2-9 06:08



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