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[Discussion] Changing Data SIMs without Stress

HiOS  |  2020-2-4 09:54 406319

Hello T-Fans,
Dual sim devices have become the trend in Africa’s smartphone ecosphere. It is almost impossible to be an African without having asecond SIM card. This is due to inconsistent service packages by serviceproviders, which makes users switching from one network to the other. This isone of the reasons why dual SIM phone sales have surpassed single SIM phonesin the African market.

Switching between networks on mobile data can be an uphilltask as you have to first visit settings, then Network and Internet, then youselect SIM card and finally mobile data. This could be sometimes stressfulespecially if you are in the middle of something and you run out of data on oneSIM.

The HiOS team saw this issue and thought deeply about how tosolve the problem. They now came up with a simple and faster way of switchingSIM mobile data without going through a long process.

Introducing, the Mobile Data Switcher!

How to Use
You don’t need to go to settings again to switch between mobilenetworks again. All you need to do now is swipe down and click on the dataswitcher icon on the notification panel and you switch instantly!

Try it out now!

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fb244367221564 27 #

basketball legends Your shares are wonderful, I feel very helpful to me, thank you
2020-3-7 00:33 Like(0)

243783752439 26 #

2020-3-4 07:39 Like(0)

mhztooti 25 #

Not working on my Camon 12 Pro
2020-3-3 17:15 Like(0)

Ubaejike1 24 #

I have tried it on my Camon x pro and it's not working
2020-3-3 16:51 Like(0)

Chandio 23 #

very nice
2020-2-23 02:52 Like(0)

240869103851 22 #

good & cool
2020-2-19 06:34 Like(0)

Z.Sujon 21 #

nice solution
2020-2-18 22:41 Like(0)

laykon729 20 #

It's not working on my camon cm pls do something. Thanks
2020-2-17 10:44 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : I am sorry, you might not have this service but check your quick tile settings after an update. You can visit my profile to read more.

    2020-2-18 01:32

240012261444 19 #

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