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[Others] Chrome Notification malfunction

Phantom 9  |  2020-2-5 09:48 TECNO AB7 5192

After upgrading my HiOs the last time tecno notified, i discovered while downloading with chrome, i get notifications for every byte of file i download, the notification alerts continues until the download finishes, need help with this, its really annoying. I have tried reinstalling chrome, still same thing
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ahiadzro 4 #

Clear data and cache of chrome or simply do this. Go to settings > System > Reset Options > Reset app preference
2020-2-5 11:57 Like(0)
  • isiehiremen : I have done this, i have even uninstalled and reinstalled chrome browser, the issue still persists

    2020-2-6 03:21

okyerepatrick82 3 #

can you be specific
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  • isiehiremen : My phone rings for every byte of file i download... e.g. If am download a song of about say 10mb, i will get notification alert for every 1 byte downloaded, untill the download finishes

    2020-2-6 03:20

okyerepatrick82 2 #

Problem not clear to me.
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