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How to Hide App on HiOS Device

HiOS  |  2020-2-10 08:53 7420728

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Hi T-Fans,

Our phones generally contain a lot of information about us. It contains our pictures, bank details, chats and a lot of sensitive information. Anytime our phone leaves our hands, there is a high fear that some of this sensitive information would get out. We are sometimes monitoring those with our phones stylishly to be sure they are not prying further into our phones, away from what we really want to show them. Privacy is something we take seriously.

On HiOS custom interface devices, we have a feature that allows you to Hide Apps so other users can’t have access to them. Great right?

With this feature, you could just select one or more apps and hide them so nobody can access them.

How to Use this Feature

Setting up this feature is very simple. Just swipe up with 2fingers on your Home Screen and your hidden screen is unveiled. Click on Add/Remove and select the app(s) you want to hide.

hide 5.jpg hide 4.jpg hide 3.jpg

There is more!

Click on the settings icon, this allows you to set a coded pattern to access the hidden app page.
I think you should try it now!

hide 2.jpg hide 1.jpg hide.jpg

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I like it
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it well
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It's a phone that I really like, a lot of great designs, I used to think it's a great product of the world. happy wheels
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its great
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