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WIN A Valentine Movie Ticket for Two!

Activities  |  2020-2-12 09:24 507978

Hi T-Fans,
Valentine is just around the corner and we want to give a couple a chance to WIN 2 movie tickets to see a movie of their choice!

All you have to do is simple!

Just tell us your love story!

(You must include your name, phone number, and state)


One lucky person would be selected at random. This event runs from the 12th of February to the 20th of February. Winners would be announced on the 21st.
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239598032093 28 #

Loving Each Other, Hard

We broke his bed. It’s exactly as it sounds. Every time we made love after the break, the frame would groan and wheeze in tandem, as if echoing our efforts. My boyfriend and I have both moved homes, cycling through cheap furniture as we have the phases of our lives. I sometimes mourn the loss of that squeaky bed frame and all it represented. We love each other, hard. — BAMIGBOYE AYOMIDE

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239597285458 27 #

Hi, I am Abubakarr from Freetown, Sierra Leone.
I have a girlfriend who I've been with for 7 years now despite the occasional troubles which are mostly caused by me. She's stood by me since day one and I am grateful for having her. She doesn't like going out but I believe that It'd be a pleasant surprise if I surprise her on Valentine's day.
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239595418466 26 #

We have been been dating for the last four years and am happy that this lady that I have been dating she's now in campus University of eldoret as I am at Nairobi, it's now time to propose to The lady since she has been faithful to me all that time,in our generation finding a girl in campus who is still a virgin is just a miracle.I want to surprise her this valentine by proposing to her we now become one body and start a new life.am Godrick from Nairobi Kenya
2020-2-13 10:53 Like(1)

Muhammad Arsalan Ali 25 #

My Wife is my life, and everything else comes second as far as what's important to me, Rejoice with my family in the beautiful land of life. It didn't matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it. When trouble comes, its my family that supports.
Name: Muhammad Arsalan Ali
State : Pakistan
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DJ valentine 24 #

14th February is my birthday tomorrow and I wish everybody happy Valentine
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239341324140 23 #

Mon amour,  tu es aussi fidèle comme la marque Tecno,  une femme de qualité comme Fantome 9 ,  lice comme l'écran du cCamon 12,  les yeux clairs comme celle de Spark4. Je t'aime !
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239566159789 22 #

je suis un jeune homme de 18 ans j'ai connu mon premier amour il y a de cela 1 ans 8 mois et depuis je n'arrive plus à vivre sans penser à elle je pense qu'elle elle m'aime aussi et on fait presque tous ensemble je crois et je sais que notre relation emmènera jusqu'à l'éternité si Dieu le veut
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51910201474 21 #

My name is Fakoya Emmanuel, I'm from Lagos state. Truth be told I've never had a love story(a girlfriend) b4, maybe its bcos I'm extremely shy, plus an introvert, buh I hope this is my year.
(Don't worry I'm old enough).
Winning @Tecno Spot Valentine movie ticket could make things easier for since this could wanna make ask this girl I've been meaning to ask out.
07089895669. thanks.
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235948100377 20 #

Am Goddey Emmanuel from delta state.
i was the adorable kid in school my class teacher love my so much because of my personality and how i relate with student an teachers but A girl name victoria was very jealous that most teachers in school loved me so much anytime i pass through her is alway hiss at me so i notice it. a day came when i intentionally went to her class and she shouted fool get out i call her so we spoke up to 30mins
why she hated me,she told me her mind and accidentally told me
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239523088593 19 #

"You can''t make someone love u, all u can do is be someone who can be loved, d rest is up 2 d person to realize ur worth"
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