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Android Reset Options: All You Need to Know (Updated)

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A full factory reset on most devices means wiping it clean of any data. It will return the device to the same condition as it arrived in the box. This is a useful trick for troubleshooting a device that is experiencing issues or when selling the device. However, if you’re troubleshooting, it would be nice if you could reset Android without losing data.

Tecno Mobile has seen it fit to add Reset Options to your device to easily help you troubleshoot your device without losing your precious data.

How to access this service
Go to Settings > System > Reset Options

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All you need to know about Reset Options
There are three to five reset options you might find on the latest Tecno devices and below are what they do:

1. DRM reset
DRM means Digital Rights Management. This option deletes all your digital licenses should incase you want to sell your phone, etc.
(It might not be available for some models)

2. Reset Wif-fi, mobile, and Bluetooth
This always comes handy when you are having problems with your connectivity.

3. Reset app preference
This option helps clear data and cache of all the apps on your device. It comes handy when you are having problems of any kind relating to apps.

4. Reset all system settings
This will reset all settings on your phone but won't erase any internal data. This comes handy when the phone is misbehaving or you tempered with your phone's settings. (It might not be available for some models)

5. Factory reset (Erase all data)
This option would erase everything on your phone including your internal memory.

6. Reset calibration parameters
This will delete the NvData related data flags on your phone, you must restart your phone for this to take effect.  After clicking reset,  your phone would reset in 5 seconds. After the reset, it would set to the default value.

NOTE: Use the Feedback app if your problems don't get resolved.  To know more, click on the link above.

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