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Solutions to Your Phone's Overheating Issues

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All smartphone manufacturers recommend certain acceptable operating and ambient temperatures for use of their devices. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, usually between 0° and 35° C (32° to 95° F). Lower or higher temperatures may change the behavior of the device.

If your phone is getting hot or overheating, there are a number of possible causes. Here is how to find out what’s making your phone get so hot, how to fix the problem, and how to stop it from happening again.

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Where is the heat coming from?
When phone temperature rises, the most probable culprits are either the battery, processor, or screen:

1. Back of the phone
If the back of your phone is getting hot, the problem may bean overheating battery.

2. Bottom of the phone
See if the bottom of the phone gets hot when charging — if so, the problem might be with the charger.

3. Above the battery, by the speaker, or the screen
If you notice your phone is getting hot somewhere besides or above the battery, then explore other possible causes that could be either related to the phone itself, or to external factors.

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Serious smartphone overheating issues could cause
1. Seriously reduce performance
2. Drain the battery
3. Shorten the device’s life span
4. Melt the central processing unit (CPU)
5. In a worst-case scenario, cause an explosion

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Obvious reasons why your phone might be overheating
Usually, your phone overheating happens from a common cause, these are:
1. These include overuse, or remaining connected Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or hotspot and GPS for too long.
2. Your display brightness is too high.
3. Prolong playing of games
4. Intensive use of the camera
5. Environmental temperature, like hanging in the sunlight
6. The phone might have been infected with malware
7. Your phone might have been hacked and it's licking a lot of data if you also record higher internet usage.
8. You are using the wrong charger to charge your phone
9. Rarely, a phone may overheat either after an update, or because there was a bug in the OS that required fixing through the update.
10. Your cover case is heating your phone
11. Intensive use of the phone such as having too many apps running at once, streaming too many contents, etc.
12. If an app has a bug or other problem

Ways to cool your phone
The following steps might help cool your phone down:
1. Remove the phone’s case
2. Switch on airplane mode to disable all connectivity or put off your data, GPS, wifi, etc when not in use.
3. Move your phone from direct sunlight and always use your phone in a cool place
4. Reduce the display brightness, adaptive brightness would be recommended
5. Use battery saver mode. The lesser the power, the better.
6. Clean up your phone to remove junk files, phone master would be recommended
7. Reduce Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS use unless needed
8. Occasionally restarting your phone can help prevent overheating due to minor software problems
9. Charge your phone correctly with the original charger
10. Update your apps and system.
11. Download apps from play store, download what you need and don't have any app on your phone for the fun of it.
12. If you can, scan your phone with your computer.
13. Avoid intensive use of your phone. Your phone is not for gaming

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NOTE: If all the above fails, I would edge you to reset your phone. (Settings > System > Reset Option > Reset all system app or Reset app preference and Factory rest if the problem persists)
Your last option would be to visit your nearest Carlcare for assistance if you can not directly report to  Tecno Mobile developers.

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ILLUMINATI brotherhood 8 #

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Yinksy09 7 #

Mine happens at the back and the overheat causes reduced performance. Thanks for the solution
2021-3-7 15:18 Like(2)

Dee Pee 6 #

2021-3-7 12:57 Like(1)

BusayoEliza 5 #

now I know
2021-3-5 14:00 Like(1)

Anonymous PH 4 #

my phobe is tecno spark 6 air not for gaming but no overheating issue ?!?
2021-3-4 09:03 Like(1)

03234815720 3 #

Techno spot is a technology related stuff that has been generated with the manners of technology and sense of clarity in this technology sector as well. The answer is about the overnight solution about the heating up of the strengths and weaknesses of case studies phone in the range of classical section of demonstration.
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Sumant 2 #

reasons why your phone might be overheating. i am agree with no. 6 and 9.
when my device i updated with august security patch i saw that temperature problem
2020-2-20 00:08 Like(0)
  • ahiadzro : Download an antivirus from play store if you want too.

    2020-2-20 01:49

  • ahiadzro : However, malware on phones are normally in the form of apps. I doubt you have malware though but check your apps. You can only scan your sd card via pc and not the internal memory.

    2020-2-20 01:47

  • ahiadzro : I have a thread about antivirus and android (Antivirus For Android: Do You Really Need It?) I would edge you to read it..

    2020-2-20 01:42

  • Sumant : how i know my phone infected from malware?

    2020-2-20 00:48

  • ahiadzro : I hope the solutions work out for you

    2020-2-20 00:25



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