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[Discussion] Having the Best Gaming Experience on HiOS Game Mode

HiOS  |  2020-2-19 11:43 6714854

Hello T-Fans,

Gaming is one of the fun things we do with our mobile devices when we are less busy. We have some that are intense and some others we can play distractedly. We sometimes get interrupted during our gaming session by different notifications and calls from people and it could honestly be annoying. We sometimes get poor gaming results due to the distractions of multiple notifications.

Well, you no longer need to bother about that on your HiOS device. We created a solution. This solution is available on Game Mode. Let’s take a look at some of these features;

Floating Windows
This is a feature that allows you to open apps that floats on the gaming screen, without interrupting the gaming experience. Two very important apps can perform these floating functions for now which are Chrome Browser and Whatsapp.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg gamem.png
This allows you to easily just take a screenshot of your current screen e.g High score. This feature is located on the Game Panel
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (7) - Copy - Copy.jpg

Screen Record
This feature allows you to record your screen while playing your game. You don’t need to pause a game to activate this. Just swipe out the Game Panel and click on the screen record icon
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (6) - Copy - Copy.jpg

Memory cleaner
Notice any lag during a gaming session due to too many backgrounds running apps? Not to worry. Just click on the Memory Cleaner icon to clear those background apps and enjoy a smooth game time.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (5) - Copy.jpg

Message DND
Once this is activated, your device would not receive any notification message again. This is necessary if too many messages are interrupting your game session.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (2).jpg

Call Reject
Turn on this feature to reject all incoming calls during a gaming session. You would only see the missed calls after you quit the game.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (3) - Copy.jpg

This is used to activate the Wi-Fi of the device while in a gaming session. This may become necessary when the mobile data signal is lost or poor.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (3).jpg

Switch data
This feature is useful particularly when you lose signal on one network provider and you want to quickly switch to another, without interrupting your game. Just tap on the icon and that is all.
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (4) - Copy.jpg

This opens up some other features that is not available on the Game panel so you can access them. The following options are under the settings;
c0fd5edd-e58a-4a29-8b20-838597b10339 - Copy (5) - Copy - Copy.jpg
Game mode: This can be used to activate or deactivate the game mode at any time.

Game Assistant Panel: This is used to deactivate the Game Panel if you feel it would interrupt your gaming experience.

Advanced settings: This function contains the Turn off automatic brightness adjustment which is used to stop the phone’s brightness from fluctuating due to different light source, the Anti-Inadvertent Mode which prevents the screen from going blank when the sensor is covered, the Network Change Protection which prevents the network from changing from mobile network to Wi-Fi and vice versa.

Game Management: This helps you select/deselect games you want to work with the game mode.

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Junior kakou 10 #

update guys this is very interesting i am up to date and i am very proud to have Tecno Spark 4
2020-2-20 11:06 Like(1)

O'Sheabore 9 #

can it supported by camon ca7
2020-2-20 10:52 Like(0)
  • BigBoyEDEM : That is if you have HiOS 5.5 and above

    2020-2-20 13:12

241137892390 8 #

jr vé un téléphone
2020-2-20 10:29 Like(1)

Sumant 7 #

is that mode for hios 3.2.0 ?
2020-2-20 00:01 Like(0)
  • 7033806314 : It's not. Don't mind him. Exclusively to HiOS 5.5 and above.

    2020-2-20 02:44

Sivashankar.S 6 #

Good One and easy to access......... lengthy tutorial ...For all online games it should turn on automatically alike in Redmi ...manually doing it is little not useful as we forget every time... provide Turbo Game mode in next update
2020-2-19 21:58 Like(1)

239534851391 5 #

can you even consider gaming on Tecno phones with their weak ass chipsets. Next time I see Tecno products I going the other way????????.
2020-2-19 16:50 Like(0)

Tanzir Islam 4 #

it's makes device slow
2020-2-19 15:09 Like(1)

frankkinuthia 3 #

Just send OTAs then you can waste our time with nonsense about features that we'd actually have.
2020-2-19 12:19 Like(2)

frankkinuthia 2 #

Problem is this is only on HiOs 5.5 and above. Majority of Tecno users are on a lower HiOs version
2020-2-19 12:18 Like(1)

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