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[Announcement] Tecno Smart scanner review

HiOS  |  2020-2-24 07:27 TECNO KB8 5886


The Tecno smart scanner app was tailor made to be used in Africa due to the extra recharge card scanner option, with the scanner it takes just a few taps and you're done.

Unfortunately, there was a 'focusing' issue with the app where I find it hard to focus on a QR code or recharge card even after I've wiped the lens several times.

I couldn't get the drug scanner feature to work for me so if you were able to get it working please comment below how you were able to do it.

Thank you.
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03234815720 4 #

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omartins365 3 #

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Emarandy 2 #

how do I download it
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  • Blacked Tigere : here's the article containing the link: https://spot.tecno.com/global/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=78412

    2020-2-24 14:56

  • Blacked Tigere : I was only able to download the apk using my PC, I suggest you do the same.

    2020-2-24 14:55

Blacked Tigere


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