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Congratulations to 11 winners of 1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest!

Activities  |  2020-3-6 04:31 378220

Hello, dear friend!1st Valentine's Day Original Mobile Wallpaper Contest has ended
now it is time to announce 11 winners and enjoy their work together!

So, who will get CAMON 12 Mobile phone?
Do you want to know?

1. the top winner who gets the most likes(512) is Ahmed Elmi ( Account name:ts704464975)
The following picture is his work and we will give him one CAMON 12 as a prize!


The next is 2-11 winners,their wallpaper will be displayed on Hi Theme APP(such as Open/Lock screen recommendation, Wallpapers Home Recommended, Theme Mall Recommendation and so on )

2. Kaafi33(446 likes)

3. Ojomakpene(262 likes)


4. princessroxx(85 likes)


5. muaaz232005(47 likes)
10 (2).jpg

6.Aasia Hameed (41 likes)
11 (2).jpg

7. Saadia (35 likes)

8. Asad ur Rahman(30 likes)

9. LaSt-Don (26 likes)

1o. Asad(25 likes)

11. Bdele(20 likes)

To ensure the contest is as fair as possible, all participants hereby read and agree with the statement below:

“Works must be unpublished or unauthorized for commercial use and will not violate any laws and regulations. They must be original works of their own. If a dispute arises from this, the contestants shall bear all responsibilities on their own(such as cancel the eligible ). The company has the right to disseminate, print, exhibit and other activities to the works of all participants during the contest. The copyright of all winning works will belong to the company, and the company will no longer pay the copyright transfer fee. After winning, the author is required to sign the “Commitment Letter”, “Portrait Right Use Agreement”, “Real Right Agreement” and other related documents, which are mainly to confirm the originality of the work, the transfer of copyright, and the compliance of the use of portrait or real rights. The winners need to submit the source files of the works to the company. The final interpretation right of this contest belongs to the host departments.”

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244284986742 10 #

2020-3-6 14:13 Like(1)

244255454407 9 #

pls can someone explain it to me more pls
2020-3-6 11:49 Like(1)

ts704464975 8 #

thank you @TECNO SOPT Official
2020-3-6 08:50 Like(4)

caaqil22 7 #

congratulations to All winners.
2020-3-6 07:44 Like(1)

zeecomania 6 #

they played against the rules I mean all the rules
2020-3-6 07:38 Like(1)

lizzykunado 5 #

I soo don't understand this but the nicest of them all is the last one, very different and very retro... idk how you guys are doing this but u need to cross-check for work quality.
I mean quality over quantity. Thank you
2020-3-6 06:28 Like(1)

lizzykunado 4 #

I thought some rules were stated to follow but most of it are lame. No offense tho but the Winner's work is soo off.
Size, picture quality,design and there are no aesthetics. You should ignore likes and look at the beauty and qualities of the work and the rules stated
2020-3-6 06:22 Like(2)
  • BigBoyEDEM : My brother, you are right. There are great, original and beautiful works out there that met all the requirements but Tecno didn't follow their own rules, so do not say much.

    2020-3-6 06:34

nas 3 #

congratulations to the winners
2020-3-6 04:54 Like(2)

BigBoyEDEM 2 #

Most of these pictures don't meet the requirement you guys requested for and with just a simple reverse image search by google, you would notice that they were just copied from the internet.
2020-3-6 04:46 Like(1)
  • lizzykunado : ikr... Most of it aren't owned

    2020-3-6 06:15

  • TECNO SPOT Official : Hello , yes, we have contacted with winner,if what they said is not real , then they will responsible for it!

    2020-3-6 05:26

  • OKayode : This is just rubbish ..... They didn't follow what they said

    2020-3-6 05:06



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