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Looking for 300 CAMON CEO: The newest CAMON 15 Mobile phones are free! Excellent

Activities  |  2020-3-17 03:40 17221707

Hello, T-fans

When you hear the word of CEO what do you think

Just think about it means a company's Chief Executive Officer

No no no ......

This time it has a new and different meaningLet me make an explain


As you know, TECNO newest mobile phone——CAMON 15 Series is on the waywhich  brings our black technology–Ultra High Pixel Shooting to help you enjoy the ultimate photo experience of the super clear super night!

sincerely want to recruit and invite 300 fans to experience first  for free, we can also call themCAMON 15 CEO(Camera Experience Officer)

Do you want to join with us

1. How to participate
Up to now, Nigeria and Ghana is starting to recruit CAMON 15 CEO other countries is on the way, so pls be patient

Nigerian ,
senegalese,Keyans and Ghanaian can check the link and read the post carefully, then you can follow the rules

2.Prize to be own
Stand a chance to win the newest TECNO Camon 15 device

LastAbout more
information of CAMON 15 CEO recruitmentpls follow us, thanks for supporting

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Junaid 61 #

Wow thanks
2020-3-20 11:57 Like(0)

Dino 60 #

This is IKPA UDO, performing at the show at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. It was fun. His action attracted me to snap him. #CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight
2020-3-20 06:42 Like(0)

fb247008418683 59 #

Am using camon 12, the first picture was my birthday party and the other one was at an event. every one love to use my phone to snap take because of the quality pictures and I also use it for Live videos on Facebook and YouTube because of the picture quality
2020-3-19 11:19 Like(2)
  • Ajit Kr. Prabhakar : hii friend.. i really like that You wear a kurta(a traditional clothing of India) of blue colour.. at one of your event

    2020-3-23 09:12

Ghaneeyhat olarjuhmorkeh 58 #

that's so nice of you
2020-3-19 09:06 Like(2)

opeyemimi8 57 #

give us a new version update on camon 11 pro please
2020-3-19 08:01 Like(2)
  • Ajit Kr. Prabhakar : u will receive an updat as soon as the effect of virus ends..

    2020-3-23 09:14

  • 246525747 : If I don't receive an upgrade to android 9 or even 10 on my camon 11 pro, this will be the last tecno phone I'll use.

    2020-3-19 09:49

Ajit Kr. Prabhakar 56 #

The dynamic range of My Techno Camon 15 pro is awesome.. and its Super night mood makes the picture super clear even in low light at night..
2020-3-19 06:52 Like(1)

7061307677 54 #

Night life in Victoria island, Lagos capturing the Civic Tower...very amazing
2020-3-18 15:58 Like(2)

246830507730 53 #

2020-3-18 15:14 Like(1)

ts240904975 52 #

Taken with Tecno Camon 11.
See the little ripe mango and the many big unripe ones surrounding it, taught me a great lesson the day I saw it and just had to take a picture of it. It taught me that you don't have to be great or have so much before you are ready for any task. ????
2020-3-18 13:12 Like(3)

AdaNne Gilbert 51 #

I took this pictures this afternoon with my old Tecno camon C8, It might be old, But there's always something amazing about it..I took the pictures outside my home, It's bright and clear outside, And it's a beautiful view..I love Tecno.. No doubt..
2020-3-18 09:14 Like(1)



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