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Looking for 300 CAMON CEO: The newest CAMON 15 Mobile phones are free! Excellent

Activities  |  2020-3-17 03:40 17221702

Hello, T-fans

When you hear the word of CEO what do you think

Just think about it means a company's Chief Executive Officer

No no no ......

This time it has a new and different meaningLet me make an explain


As you know, TECNO newest mobile phone——CAMON 15 Series is on the waywhich  brings our black technology–Ultra High Pixel Shooting to help you enjoy the ultimate photo experience of the super clear super night!

sincerely want to recruit and invite 300 fans to experience first  for free, we can also call themCAMON 15 CEO(Camera Experience Officer)

Do you want to join with us

1. How to participate
Up to now, Nigeria and Ghana is starting to recruit CAMON 15 CEO other countries is on the way, so pls be patient

Nigerian ,
senegalese,Keyans and Ghanaian can check the link and read the post carefully, then you can follow the rules

2.Prize to be own
Stand a chance to win the newest TECNO Camon 15 device

LastAbout more
information of CAMON 15 CEO recruitmentpls follow us, thanks for supporting

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CyBlinks 91 #

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity
2020-3-24 13:33 Like(5)

248195141351 90 #

I would greatly honored to be the CEO
currently using the camon 12
2020-3-24 05:44 Like(1)

248186668793 89 #

i can wait to buy it because I am in love with tecno
2020-3-24 05:08 Like(2)

248184266070 88 #

Can't deny D love I have for tecno but don't have enough money to go for Camon 15 series I am still in level of cx air and hoping for winning D contest I hope I win
2020-3-24 05:00 Like(1)

Jackimoh1 87 #

Want to b part of the CEO's
2020-3-24 04:54 Like(0)

MD236423993926 86 #

Tecno camon 15 is Best world mobile
2020-3-24 02:34 Like(0)

Itzblesgn104 85 #

I am using Techno K7 I really wish I can upgrade to a better version of Techno
Techno all the way ????
2020-3-23 17:27 Like(1)

Janking67 84 #

Hi Janking67 Here not going to lie I Have Been Using Tecno Spark 4 and I love It If I Win Will Give This My Tecno Spark 4 to my friend And Going to Tecno Camon 15 Because He Has An Old Htc Phone That Does Not Allow He To Take better Picture And Play Pubg At All
2020-3-23 17:16 Like(0)

MD236423993926 83 #

my wish I use Tecno camon 15
2020-3-23 13:10 Like(0)

226716235676 82 #

send me i need it so so much
2020-3-23 09:11 Like(0)



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