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Hey T-Fans Fans,

As a Member/Fan of Tecno Spot, I want to share few tips with you guys so that your efforts gets recognized by "Admins".

Some of the tips are related to sharing content in "Tecno Spot" and other are related to moral values of the community.

Tips related to Content Sharing:

1. Always Focus on your Post Title:

This is the most important thing while posting in Tecno Spot Forum. If the Title of your post doesn't make sense, no one is going to read your post. So always try to give a meaningful title to your Posts.

2: Give Credits:

If you have copied some or all of your post content from another website/blog, make sure you give proper credits to the author by mentioning their URL in the Source of your Post.

3. Don't Copy the Whole Post:

Some of the Fans copy someone else's whole post and without any modifications share it in the forum, Don't do this. Always try to add something from your own. Otherwise its not going to be counted as your contribution

4. Post Formatting:

This is one of the most important thing, Try to use it upto its full capabillity. Bold the important text, Give Proper Headings, Change Color of the Text etc. 

5. Don't Post Personal Advertisments:

Tecno Spot Forum can not be used to advertise personal interests therefore avoid doing it and also try not to share posts related to Politcs. 

Tips Related to Moral Values:

1. Don't Make Fun of Anyone:

If you think someone's post or comment is not correct or upto the standards, don't mock them and don't make fun of anyone.

2. Challanging Admins Decisions:

There are lots of factors based on which the "Admins" takes certain actions, don't challange the authority of "Admins". Although you can show your concerns to the "Admins" but never challange their Authority. There are several factors involved based on which the "Admins" takes certain decisions.

3. Be Polite:

Even if someone misbehaves with you in the Community, don't start a fight and be polite about it. You can tell the Moderators or "Admins" if you feel that someone is misbehaving with you.

4. Don't lose Hope:

Some of the Fans think that they are never going to win any giveways through Tecno Spot Forum, which is not true. If you remain active in Tecno Spot eventually you will win. 

Follow these tips and you will surely be recognized as one of the Top Contributer and Fan in Tecno Spot Forum.
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