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Is TECNO Really Planning on Releasing a 64 Mega Pixel Smartphone with SONY? Excellent

Others  |  2020-3-19 06:36 TECNO CD8j 323206

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What do you think has become the single most important feature of a smartphone? I know this has been an ongoing debate, and today, we are going to lay it to rest once and for all.

Personally, I’ll say it’s hands down the camera. I mean, what’s a smartphone if its camera won’t turn bland ordinary moments into beautifully captured memories with bursts of colours. But that is just my take on the matter. What do I know though? Why don’t we see what the experts have to say?

According to MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW, more megapixels come tops amongst the technology innovations that smartphone manufacturers are expected to prioritize and continually enhance in order to obtain the leading market position and earn creativity bragging rights.

The review states that the demand for more megapixels has become a key mobile phone trend because, as it stands now, a great camera enhances the lifestyle of smartphone users.

So, it is settled; a great camera is the best feature of a smartphone. And it would seem that TECNO is in on this too.

Here is why I think so; according to news making the rounds in the tech world, the smartphone brand is planning to change the entire dynamics of mobile phone photography by partnering with SONY on their next phone.

Sources say the new NEXT CAMON series might be equipped with a whopping 64 megapixels, and once released, will be the first phone in Africa to run on the SONY chip.


This is mega huge?! Do you know what this means? You have to take a pause to process what having a 64 million pixels camera on your phone would mean! Everything will be magnified. Every detail is delicate and clear. Even a dark portrait is bright and clear.

With a 64MP smartphone camera, the user can zoom to the extreme, even to an object 30 meters away. Think sweeping evening landscapes with still-life detail you can zoom right into, and you are starting to get the picture. Every detail, no matter how tiny, will be captured and clearly seen, even to tiny insects and the fluff of their backs.

We all know that TECNO has always been dedicated to camera smartphone technology and has solid technology accumulation, plus they have proven over and over that TECNO is indeed for Nigerians. But we didn’t see this coming. Is Nigeria even ready for this level of exquisite technology?! Brace yourself guys, things will never remain the same. If this is even a little bit true, TECNO will change the smartphone game forever! I don’t know about you, but I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

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Jaypee 33 #

with this tecno will take the lead in Nigeria
2020-4-2 17:30 Like(0)

Jaypee 32 #

64mp, what a camera
2020-4-2 17:29 Like(0)

sikphoenix 31 #

Nous attendons de voir le résultat ici.
2020-3-31 20:38 Like(0)

oti 56 30 #

Tecno has really changed the smartphone game in Africa especially in Nigeria
2020-3-28 03:09 Like(0)

248890206528 29 #

very power camera indeed, unfortunately you're only telling us about the camera what about the other features
2020-3-27 16:26 Like(0)

Hoilakes 28 #

with this... we'd have access to shooting full skit and videos on mobile from back to back
2020-3-26 11:19 Like(0)

248815966958 27 #

2020-3-26 11:03 Like(0)

ts8064363333 26 #

with what I am seeing Tecno mobile is one of great mobile phone that is amazing to use their camera is amazing
2020-3-25 07:02 Like(1)

Heavenly-Joy 25 #

2020-3-25 07:01 Like(1)



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