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Others  |  2020-3-19 21:13 TECNO CA7 102570

Whether you like it or not its the truth.

Do you like this pic. Would you mind giving it a like?
Beauty, Passion and Momory can all be found in one thing; A good phone.

I use TECNO CA7. The beauty of a scene will not remain in your eye forever. To keep it memorable, you need a tool to be your reminder. And to me, my TECNO mobile phone has made it all.

The picture above was taken way back 18th December, 2018 around 5:46pm. And was edited 17th March this year, and it gives me a good reminiscence of my lovely kids in the village.
Picture taking is my passion, and TECNO makes the beauty come out in  a shot of the scene i always take.
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Mustafa10750 9 #

very good
2020-5-8 06:12 Like(0)

okyerepatrick82 Author8 #

Still in love with this
2020-4-24 18:01 Like(0)

251732314533 7 #

That is really true.
2020-4-5 19:18 Like(0)

Jaypee 6 #

2020-4-2 17:30 Like(0)

248506225054 5 #

nice pic
2020-3-25 07:53 Like(0)

franknart12 4 #

that's what you think
2020-3-20 17:00 Like(2)

okyerepatrick82 Author3 #

Please what does it mean by being recommended?
2020-3-20 12:46 Like(2)

okyerepatrick82 Author2 #

Wooow i am touched.
2020-3-20 12:44 Like(2)



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