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At this point in time, if you still don't know the preventive measures put in place against the global pandemic, well congratulations, you are officially A PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ITSELF and to help you get off the list, here's the five global preventive measures put in place world wide.
Please note that your country or state or region may include additional preventive measures.
HANDS: Wash/sanitize often
ELBOW: Cough into your elbow
FACE: Please don't touch your face. You don't need to at this point in time as it is not a reminder/representation of your beauty in totality.
SPACE: Keep safe distance (Social Distancing)
HOME: If you develop any flu like symptoms or have just returned to the country from hotspots regions, please isolate for atleast 14days during which you should reach out to your doctor or your country's hotline to get them informed. Expect a follow up.

But aside the 5 mentioned above, what else should you or shouldn't do? Here's a list of a few things you should do/shouldn't do during this time.
(1) AVOID LABELING OF THE VIRUS: It is no news that the president of the United States (President Donald Trump) has reffered to the global pandemic  as the CHINESE VIRUS. Some calls it the WUHAN VIRUS or KUNGFLU. This is the wrong time to choose to do this or stand in solidarity with the guy from U.S with a funny hair do to make this look like it's a Chinese thing. Nobody from China woke up one day and was like, "HEY WORLD, LETS ALL GO CORONA". No, I don't wanna believe that. Labeling at this point will shift our attention from the actual enemy here and that enemy is not China, it is CORONA. Hell yeah they have the same first alphabet ( the letter C) but that doesn't make it Chinese. So please say after me "CORONA IS NOT CHINESE". And just incase you didn't, then it's official, that you are A PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ITSELF.
(2) DON'T USE IT AS A REASON TO BREAKUP: Yeah you heard me right, PLEASE COVID-19 IS NOT A BREAKUP EXCUSE. Some of you may not know this, but there are people out there (and when I say people out there I mean my friends) using  SOCIAL DISTANCING as a step to ending the relationship with their girlfriend which they say is toxic and financially exhausting to carry on. Yes it's true that at this time, less people means more chances of not getting infected but its not an excuse for a break up because SOCIAL DISTANCING doesn't include not texting or calling and thanks to technology, with Tecno, this is not a problem. Reach out to your loved ones on phone, either via text or call. And if your boyfriend or girlfriend has been using this as an excuse, then congratulations, you've been dating A PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ITSELF. Shebi when we toast you dat time, you no gree. Now see yourself. Na God kash you.
(3) DO NOT USE RELIGION AS AN EXCUSE TO SPREAD THE VIRUS/DISOBEY DIRECT ORDER FROM AUTHORITIES: Okay for this part, am talking to the MUSLIMS directly and please no MUSLIM should even think of swelling up because I mentioned it. As you can see, my username (yusufaliu) clearly spells out my religion (ISLAM). I had to start this way because here in the North, we have some self acclaimed Islamic scholars, hiding under the umbrella of religion to sell the pandemic COVID-19 as a HOAX. They see almost all preventive measures as a plan to bring Islam to its knees, which is not true in anyway. Not shaking hands is something everyone is struggling with not just Muslims because  prior to now, it is an everyday habit. We see each other and we shake hands like sup dude, baba wetin dey shele, how fa ma nigga, wetin dey sup, same way Muslims do when they say SALAMUAELEIKUM. So the preventive measure of not shaking hands doesn't stop anyone from still saying, hi, baba wetin dey shele, how fa ma nigga and wetin dey sup, same way it doesn't stop you as a Muslim from uttering SALAM.  It is not a preventive measure for Muslims alone, it applies to all. Some clerics are going round telling followers to ignore the order of "GATHERINGS NOT MORE THAN 50 PEOPLE"  Look MR BLIND FOLLOWER, this is not the first time the world is experiencing a plague. It has happened during the time of UMAR IBN KHATAB which led to the death of some SAHABAS ( companions of prophet Muhammed Sallalahu Alaihim Wa Salam) and just incase you don't know, click here or copy and paste the link on your browser so that you don't be A PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ITSELF.
(4) DON'T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION TO HIKE THE PRICE OF YOUR SERVICES: Nigerians are so so much good at this that I feel cheated there's no nobel prize category to honour our effort in making life difficult for ourselves and this is an insult to our struggle as a people. We need to appreciate human effort, do you know how hard it is to wake up and raise the prize of foreign rice from 650naira to 1200 per tiya/mudu/measure just from 10am on monday 23rd march to 12pm of that same day? Because yeah, that's exactly what happened yesterday. It is so much harder than looking for the cure or vaccine of COVID-19 itself. We don't even like the nmber 19 attached to COVID.  That number is too cheap. We need a bigger number. The WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION should please do something about this. How dare they make CORONA so cheap and affordable. We as africans don't want to believe this virus is foreign, because if it is, how comes it is this cheap and affordable with just the number 1 and 9 attached to its name? This can't be foreign. Everything foreign/international should be expensive. This is our standard and we are not gonna have COVID-19 as an exception. Just incase you share thesame thought as me on this, then congratulations, OGA, MADAM, YOU ARE A PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ITSELF.
(5) DON'T GO ABOUT CAUSING PANIC/FEAR, TELLING PEOPLE THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END: Look bros, anty, sister, uncle, anything with a beginning has an end, this applies to all things, the world inclusive. May God keep us all safe and far far far away from every negetivity of this pandemic  but truth be told, if we don't die of COVID-19, is not a guarantee that we've escaped death forever. Life doesn't go on for enternity. There is no proof of any human that has lived forever and can live forever. COVID-19 has a beginning and definitely without doubt, it will also have an end. Same way as humans, there is a beginning and an end. This pandemic is not a sign that the world has ended and we are all going to be dieing soon so please quit telling people that we are all going to die soon. And please if you are already doing that, please just stop already.We would really appreciate it if you allow our obituary picture do that announcement for us and not you because you are poor at it and you're not even getting paid for the job. So please just stop already. I know you are a confirmed PROBLEM TO THE PROBLEM ALREADY but if you no stop eh, we will catch you, beat the hell out of you and use the photo of you well beaten to enter the CAMON 15 CAMERA EXPERIENCE OFFICER CONTEST ( #CamonCEO #ClearDaynNight #WellBeaten #Problem2dProblem #ShebiWeWarnYou)

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