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The Birth of the True Night Shot King Excellent

Others  |  2020-3-25 01:13 TECNO CD8j 124070

Do you live in a fast-paced, heavy traffic city like Lagos? Then you know quite well that we were lied to growing up. No one told us that adulthood will be this fast-paced and tough. As if hustling and bustling through the day aren’t hard enough, heavy traffic had to be added to the mix. But we are Nigerians, we are strong and resilient and we have nightlife!

Nothing beats Lagos nightlife guys. Absolutely nothing. And the fun doesn’t just stop in Lagos. I know for a fact that other cities have great nocturnal activities too. So, the days might get rough and frustrating, but the nights are always there for us to unwind and get new air under our wings!

Several restaurants across the country offer awesome live music and entertainment, some even turn into dance clubs most nights of the week, while others turn into amazing karaoke bars as the nights proceed. This isn’t even to mention the oh-so-fantastic food in all shades and forms.

Then there are clubs, and point and kill joints, and football showing centres, drinking bars, pepper soup joints, and even night gaming centres. The list is endless, the beautiful experience unlimited


There is a downside to this though. Imagine this; you are having a beautiful time, and you whip out your phone to make videos and or take pictures. The best you’ll get is a really dark photo with flashes of eyes and teeth. If there is no sufficient light, then you are automatically getting a really bad photo. This right here is the downside. You’re flexing and enjoying life, but the memory can’t be captured. Most times when I get stubborn and snap those pictures anyway, I end up deleting them myself, most times angrily.   

TECNO has been changing the game, releasing smartphones that shoot amazing images even at night. The information has it that they are about to release a new phone to top the previous Camon 12 Series night king. A new TECNO phone is about to be launched. And I hear it is going to be the birth of the true night shot king. Oh, what joy.

According to leaks, the new TECNO phone will be armed with a new technology trademarked TAIVOS™. Apparently, TAIVOS is short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. Sources say that a dedicated microprocessor will work together with AI algorithms to do one job and one job only; significantly enhance night-time photography.

According to analysis, TAIVOS™ will help improve other photo effects with its ability to increase the sharpness and brightness in digital image signals. When the user is combining cutting-edge camera hardware and powerful algorithms, TAIVOS™ is the missing link that gets all features working together to deliver amazing pictures with a burst of colours.

This is very interesting and exciting! Just days ago, we heard that the new TECNO phone will be equipped with a SONY chip and a whopping 64 mega pixels. We thought that was enough to make the camera outstandingly amazing. But we were wrong. Will you blame us though? The SONY chip news is such a big deal. With the chip, the phone will be the first of its kind in Africa.  

We certainly didn’t see this new feature coming. TECNO sure knows how to surprise their fans. The brand says TECNO is for Nigerians and I am starting to believe it! They know how much our nightlife means to us, and they took it upon themselves to solve the one, nightlife problem we have. I really hope all these will be true and not just some leaks thought out by someone.

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Jaypee 8 #

I can't wait to take a selfie with it
2020-4-2 17:26 Like(0)

Jaypee 7 #

2020-4-1 08:59 Like(1)

213382811735 6 #

2020-3-28 07:56 Like(1)

Heavenly-Joy 5 #

2020-3-27 09:20 Like(1)

Kayconcept 4 #

I love when an international brand looks at the local environment of their host country and then bring out product and services of international standard but to suit the usability of people within the locality.

With TECNO TAIVOS, I can confidently take pictures at night without being afraid of the quality of the brightness and quality of the pictures.
2020-3-25 15:04 Like(1)

Auxtyiine 3 #

And also make the volume button not to function, so long it's on password. With this few additional features, phone theft can be minimize and at the same time pushes TECNO as formidable name in the business of phone ???? production...
2020-3-25 08:59 Like(2)

Auxtyiine 2 #

It's a welcome idea....... Since TECNO is coming up with new innovation like the 64 mega pixel with Sony nd the TAIVOS A1 Solutions. While don't they just work on an "inbuilt tracker" for tracking the product when stolen. And also change the "Power/Volume button off system" that often allows someone to "off" the phone of control the phone even with password.
I think TECNO should make the "Power/Volume button" useless by making it ask for password when someone try to "Format" the phone. ????
2020-3-25 08:56 Like(3)
  • Auxtyiine : @Frankkinuthia I can see u understand where I'm heading. TECNO can work alongside Google to achieve it.

    2020-4-1 01:59

  • frankkinuthia : Maybe by Android 12?

    2020-3-26 10:58

  • frankkinuthia : This is for Google to work on my friend. The OEM can only improve on features that the software supports. TECNO only layer builds of Android with their custom skins. Google is the creator of Android and they're yet to implement such measures

    2020-3-26 10:58



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