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CAMON 12 Series  |  2020-3-25 10:25 217635

Hello T-Fans,
The Google Voice Assistant is a Google feature present on all Android-based devices and is one cool feature a lot of users like and would love to be educated on.
Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant developed by Google that is primarily available on mobile and smart home devices. There is so much you can do with your Google Assistant both online and offline. You can make calls, schedule appointments, open apps, play music. Surf the net and so much more.
Due to this usefulness of the feature, a dedicated key was created for it on the Camon 12 Pro to aid easy access to the feature. So instead of using the voice prompt to activate the feature, you could just press the button on the side of the device and voila, the assistant is activated!
Do you have the Camon 12 Pro, what do you feel about the Google Assistant Button?
Share your thoughts!


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247861277049 10 #

l want to swap with with the 12pr0
2020-3-27 03:16 Like(0)

Mani257Pk 9 #

2020-3-26 21:33 Like(0)

Idealx 8 #

actually the key gives easy access to Google assistant
2020-3-26 06:20 Like(0)

RayanEmpire 7 #

Oops now we are into camon 15
2020-3-26 03:34 Like(0)

Toro1 6 #

I love it
2020-3-25 21:26 Like(0)

Aly 5 #

the above device is unique piece that u can't compare with other tecno devices
2020-3-25 19:40 Like(0)

Aly 4 #

when will camon 12 pro will have hios 6 n updates into Android 10
2020-3-25 17:13 Like(0)

Adekojo9 3 #

2020-3-25 16:36 Like(1)

238728162630 2 #

2020-3-25 13:30 Like(0)

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