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CAMON 15 Series  |  2020-3-25 18:40 TECNO CC9 764

I read the technical sheet of the Camon 15 and pro I wonder why go back to an LCD screen and bring the fingerprint behind why again ??
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frankkinuthia 5 #

It's not advisable to have an in-display fingerprint on an LCD screen also. OLED and AMOLED screens tend to light up better, hence more accurate readings. The capacitive fingerprint scanner at the back is a good choice here
2020-3-26 03:36 Like(1)
  • frankkinuthia : LED or AMOLED, there's really not much of a difference. Personally I'd prefer an OLED Display, but the engineers thought it wise to have the LCDs. The only true difference is the always-on display available on AMOLED displays.

    2020-3-26 09:44

  • Isma : So why bring back LCD while the phantom 9 and the Camon 12 pro are well under control

    2020-3-26 08:06

OKayode 4 #

I thought they needed it to bring out those vibrant colours.... Or probably to make the screen last longer.
2020-3-25 21:52 Like(1)

nas 3 #

Well there's a good reason behind that decision
2020-3-25 19:34 Like(1)

ahiadzro 2 #

There is more to it than you can think off. Trust Tecno and it's engineers, they know the best for you.
2020-3-25 18:55 Like(1)
  • Isma : I know but just take the screen of the phantom 9 and the Camon 12 pro compare the LCD of the Camon 12 air and see how it is different

    2020-3-25 20:44



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