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Factors to I consider when buying Bluetooth earphones
There are a number of factors to consider before buying either Bluetooth or wireless headphones and earphones. Top among these factors is sound quality and the type of the gadget. We will first discuss these two factors in-depth and give the right tips to illustrate the considerations and put you into perspective.

Sound quality
Go for earphones that can balance sounds and frequencies well. This will depend on the make as well as the version of Bluetooth technology that they are running on – we recommend going for the latest Bluetooth technology version.
Also, check for sound control systems that will give you greater control over sounds and frequencies – for instance, earphones come with sound controls at the back of the earphone that is controlled via voice commands while most other makes feature sound control buttons.Modern wireless headphones are coming configured with Bluetooth technology so that they are compatible with a wider range of devices. This, however, is not the case with Bluetooth headphones whose connectivity is mostly limited to Bluetooth technology.
Interestingly, however, some Bluetooth and wireless headphones can be tethered to a two-pronged wire. Bluetooth headphones are generally compatible with more devices compared to wireless headphones.
Sweat Resistance and Durability
Bluetooth earphones are especially popular with trainers and gym-goers. This means that they are prone to sweat, dust, and other harsh elements. These elements can compromise their performance and durability. This is why almost all Bluetooth earphones are sweat-resistant, but their resistance varies. For instance, some earphones are completely resistant to water while others only take enough measures to prevent moisture from getting into the driver chamber.
My Oraimo OEB-E58D supports this
Battery Life
Again, battery life should be the first thing to consider as there is no music without power. Earphones have longer-lasting batteries than most headphones, but battery life depends on the make and design.
The average earphones have a battery life of 5 hours of continuous playtime. Sub-standard earphones, however, barely last 3 hours of continuous playtime. However my Oraimo Bluetooth earphones are pushing the limits to up to 10 hours.

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sikphoenix 10 #

Ces écouteurs ultra auriculaires sont très agréables pour l'écoute.
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Philip Juma 9 #

nice article.
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250183642332 8 #

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250109396170 7 #

how much Bangladesh
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Toro1 6 #

how much in Nigeria
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Makaveli paul 5 #

how much and are they in kenya
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  • frankkinuthia : Visit any Samsung shops for Samsung Galaxy earbuds. Alternatively, shop on Xiaomi's Mi Store online.

    2020-3-30 17:47

Clavic 4 #

where can i find it tho
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Høudini 3 #

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7033806314 2 #

How reliable is this Oraimo?
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